Discovery’s John Steinlauf has been appointed Warner’s chief U.S. advertising sales officer

Jon Steinlauf, one of the few Scripps Networks Interactive execs to rise to the Discovery rank after the company bought Scripps, is re-emerging in the new Warner Bros. Discovery.

Steinlauf will be the future chief U.S. advertising sales officer for Warner Bros. Discovery, the company said. The $ 43 billion merger is expected to close later today, and Steinlauf’s hiring follows a raft of others, with most Discovery Brass keeping or expanding their turf in the new structure.

Steinlauf, who has more than 35 years of sales experience, will report directly to Bruce Campbell, the future chief revenue and strategy officer at Warner Bros. Discovery. The move would reconnect Turner’s portfolio with Steinlauf, who was Turner’s sales executive before his tenure at Scripps.

Advertising will play a central role in Warner Bros. Discovery in both linear TV and streaming. HBO Max, launched by WarnerMedia two years ago, recently added an ad-supported layer. Discovery + Ad-supported since its launch in early 2021. With the rise of streaming and the TV advertising business facing turmoil, legacy media companies need to focus more on streaming as well as perform a complex balancing task to keep linear networks buzzing.

“John is an art pioneer, a brilliant thinker and an excellent leader. I can’t help but be thrilled to have him join the Warner Bros. Discovery leadership team, “said Campbell. “I look forward to partnering with her and the entire company to bring two world-class sales companies together to create a complete and distinct offer for our advertisers.”

The combined company will offer advertisers the most complementary portfolio of brands – comprehensive news, sports, entertainment, scripted, unscripted and family-centered programming. Together, we will launch unparalleled ad-supported streaming for our clients, Steinlauf said.

As Discovery’s Chief U.S. Advertising Sales Officer, Steinlaff manages sales, creates new and convergent revenue streams, as well as oversees research, marketing and branded entertainment, pricing and planning, and inventory control.

Both WarnerMedia and Discovery reserve dates for advance presentation to advertisers on May 16, while other major media companies are moving forward. According to company insiders, there will now be a joint event, probably May 18.

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