Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ producer Lucasfilm hires first trans actress – Deadline

Exclusive: British actress Talisa Garcia (Baptist) Cast in the expected Disney + series WillowAn openly trans actor has been identified as the first known occasion in a Disney-owned production of Lucasfilm. Star wars And Indiana Jones Franchise

In the 1980s fantasy classic TV spinoff, which is now in post-production, a princess gathers a party to join her in rescuing her twin brother.

We understand that Garcia will play the role of a queen and mother in the role of Tony Revolveri who takes part in the investigation. Garcia’s role is part of a short talk and the actress may eventually appear in only one episode.

The casting marks the first time a trans actor in a Disney + film or series has been introduced to a CIS character. During the shooting, we heard that many of Garcia’s colleagues were proud and supportive of his casting.

Garcia was cast in the project long before Disney’s reaction to the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill began, and a new wave of concern arose over the on-screen presentation of the Disney production.

The studio has come under fire in recent weeks for responding to a controversial Florida law that prohibits teachers from teaching children under the age of nine about sexual orientation and gender identity. Bill’s studio’s initial silence led to frustration and frustration among many staff who took it lightly to the LGBTQ + community and saw it as an example of not doing enough to support House of Mouse diversity, which some critics believe the studio could do. Do more on screen. Marvel Studios executive Victoria Alonso was among the critics at the recent GLAAD Media Awards.

Last year Raya and the Last Dragon Actress Patty Harrison became the first known trans actor to voice a character in a Disney animated movie. In 2019, SpidersOf man Zach Barack became the first transgender actor at Marvel Studios. Most recently, non-binary trans actor Iris Menas played any character in a 20th century studio. West Side Story Reboot Meanwhile, news of Disney + series has been found online in recent days Ironheart Looking to hire a trans actress.

Picture of Chloe Zhao last year Eternal An MCU movie features the first gay superhero – Brian Tyri playing the role of Henry Eternal and inventor Fastos. Lauren Ridolph also starred in the feature film – making history as the first deaf actor to play a superhero in a studio feature film.

Chilean-born British actress Garcia best known for BBC crime-thriller Baptist. Other credits include Starz! ‘S Girlfriend experience And Miracle workers of TBS.

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