Doza Kat has doubled down on his recent retirement claims despite being confirmed

Earlier this month, Doza Kat shocked and saddened her fans when she announced that she was planning to retire from music – but her fans thought she had changed her mind after she recently posted new content on social media. No. In an attempt to clear up any speculation, Doza Kat not only confirmed that she was still on tour, but also said that her retirement was still happening.

On Twitter, Doja Cat posted the following:

“Those who see me on the After Hour Tour, I do not guarantee. But not granting me bail does not mean that I will not disappear after this. I still got s – I have to. And you think a lot because I post – in the picture it means I’m not out. No picture = music fool.

So yes still it means I got the video of the film I got the performance and I got the content to drop so I’m putting it out. I haven’t gone yet. “

Earlier, Doza tweeted after the title set of the Asuncionico Festival in Paraguay was canceled due to flooding in the area. At the time he wrote, “It’s gone and I won’t give RF **, I can’t wait for the king to disappear and I don’t need to believe anymore.” To me everything is dead, the music is dead, and I ** King Fool ** Forever thinking I’m ready for it, it’s a ** King nightmare not following me. “

He further added that he would not take pictures with fans, adding that he was disappointed with his performance during Lollapalooza Brazil and had a heated exchange with NBC Sports / Telemundo Sports Production Assistant Roberto Rojas.

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