‘Dreamers’: Israeli and German Network Greenlight Live Action Teen Series –

Exclusive: Israeli and German networks have Greenlight Dreamers, A live action series about eight teenagers who flew to Mars for an important mission to prepare for a settlement on the Red Planet.

The show will air next year on Israeli network HOT’s children’s channel Zoom and Germany’s Kika, and will be filmed at Israel’s first space simulation center that replicates the settlement on Mars.

STORYZ Productions, a co-production between SKLAN & KA, SAMKA and German broadcasters NDR, HR, SWR and RBB, is a 20-part series for older kids and teens in 2045, and highlights the group’s journey from effort to realization to travel to Mars. That they landed in the wrong place and lost contact with Earth, just a few hours before their space suits ran out of electricity and everyone died. Lead protagonist Emma is a space geek whose older sister was killed in a failed mission a few years ago and she enters the mission under a false identity, where she connects with the sophisticated daughter of the space minister.

Jetpack Distribution is conducting international sales.

Jetpack CEO Dominic Gardiner said, “This ground-breaking series appeals strongly to both teenagers and space enthusiasts.” “We know that space exploration is of interest to kids around the world right now, and production teams have come up with something to plot around that interest – and cultivate that interest.”

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