EOne developer TV series based on the comic book – Deadline

Exclusive: Creating a TV series based on eOne Paranormal hitman Comic book by author Brett Murphy and illustrator Wilson Gandalfo.

As billed Ghostbusters Meet Pulp Fiction, Paranormal hitman An unpleasant action-comedy followed by Jean Rizo and Devon Grace, two mob hitmen whose lives are turned upside down when they are mistakenly hired by a secret government agency whose responsibilities are miraculously threatened. These lowly criminals then face threats from the living and the dead-determined to control the miraculous world, literally confronting the ghosts of their past.

The first version Paranormal hitman Published by Behemoth Books (a company recently acquired by Sumerian Records and Films) in January. Eon will produce the series under the late Hasbro executive Brian Goldner’s Alter Rock label, where Goldner and Josh Feldman will co-produce Murphy and Gandalfo.

Murphy is a comic book writer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who entered the scene through his first series, Paranormal hitman, And is currently writing multiple projects, including works licensed for Behemoth Comics. Gandalfo is a Brazilian artist with a passion for creating new, unique characters whose work Paranormal hitman It was a hit with readers in the United States and abroad.

eOne is a talent-driven independent studio that specializes in the development, acquisition, production, financing, distribution and sale of entertainment content, part of the global play and entertainment company Hasbro. The company brings to market both original and existing content from Hasbro’s 1500+ brand portfolio through a diverse network of IP sourcing and creative partners and Eon companies. Eon’s other recently announced projects include Emily V. A play-do film written by Gordon and produced by John M. Chu, which may also be directed by later ones; A TV adaptation of the New York Times best-selling YA novel They both died at the endCo-written and produced by exec BridgetonOf Chris Van Dussen; A pair of bitcoin money laundering scandal projects that it is developing with Forbes Entertainment; A Black hole and dragon Led the series Red notice Filmmaker Rosen Marshall Thurber; And its high-concept thriller Tarot Including Fuller Media, which Scary story to tell in the dark Directed by Helmer Andre Overdale.

Alter Rock Hall is an independent production company founded in 2017 by the late Goldner, who was a pioneer in entering Hasbro’s entertainment industry, creating a multi-billion dollar franchise. Transformers, My little pony And GI Joe. The company, led by Feldman and Goldner’s family, aims to create the next generation of writer- and director-driven IP; Stories that start on screen and live everywhere. Also Alter Rock’s work is the Cop-Con Man movie Blackfriars From director Will Gluck.

Behemoth was represented in the contract for Comics Paranormal hitman By Tobias Literary Agency and UTA, which also represents Murphy and Gandalfo. Authors were represented by Amanda Schreier in Morse, Burns-Brown and Pendleton. Ultra Rock is repp by UTA.

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