“Fasting from Whiteness” for Chicago Area Church Lent

When it comes to fasting for Lent, people abandon social media, certain foods and habits, but it shows a Chicago area church led by a white priest declaring it “fasting from whiteness.”

The first United Church in Oak Park told church members in March that they would abstain from whiteness and would not do so without performing songs or hymns written or composed by whites.

A church representative told the church in part, “From whiteness to this fast, of course, I cannot change the color of my skin or the way it allows me to move around the world.” “But I can change what I hear [and] Whose voice I prefer, so this is a plan for our worship services through Lent… that we will fast from the time we prefer white voice and we will use music and poetry of people of black, indigenous and caste and see what spirit can do in us. . “

There is also a sign in the church courtyard that reads, “Fasting from whiteness.”

Following the news that the church was fasting out of whiteness, First United Church in Oak Park issued a statement on Thursday stating in part: The voices of black people, indigenous people and people of color.

The press release further states that “worship services in Lent have been varied and beautiful.”

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