Film Independent sets the date for the 2022 Sloan Film Summit, following the ‘Young’ grant –

Film Independent today announced that the Seventh Triennial Sloan Film Summit will be held at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles from April 8-10.

Back after an epidemic-imposed break, the 2022 Summit will celebrate the Sloan Film Program nationwide, bringing together more than 150 writers, directors and producers, as well as working scientists and representatives of leading film schools and organizations working to bridge the gap. Science, technology and popular culture.

The summit will begin with an inaugural reception at 5:30 pm on the 8th, followed by a screening of the Cognadar A24 movie. After Young, Which Alfred P. at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. Sloan was awarded the Feature Film Award and Alfred P. Recipient of a 50,000 distribution grant from the Sloan Foundation The screening will be followed by a conversation hosted by producer Jennifer 8. Respected scientists, such as Lee and Presidential Award winner Maza Matarik, along with the film’s creative team, including Cognada, use brain and artificial intelligence technology to explore the film’s timely problems related to human-to-human communication.

The program will continue throughout the 9th with a full day of individual panels, workshops and networking sessions with industry professionals for all Sloan-backed filmmakers and organizations. Leading female artists and scientists, including flight system engineer Tracy Drain, will participate in a panel chaired by EP Wendy Calhoun on Women in Science and On Film. Student Academy Award winner Rommel Villa (Sweet potato) And Jason Begu (To wash) To take viewer members through their film journey through their release with the development of collaboration with science advisers. The day will end with a tour of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

The final day of the summit will feature Sloan-winning short films, screenplays, and a keynote address by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Andrea Gage. The day will end with the screening of the documentary How to survive an epidemicConversations with virology, epidemiology and public health science experts, including the film’s director David France, producer Mira Chang and UCLA’s Dr. Ann Remoin and USC’s Dr. Jeffrey Klausner.

“After twice postponing the event due to COVID-19, we are pleased to partner with Film Independent in organizing this popular summit, celebrating the Sloan Foundation’s pioneering film program, which has resulted in more than 750 science-themed film projects from some of the most innovative. Exciting filmmakers in the United States and internationally, “said Alfred P. Dron Weber, vice president and program director of the Sloan Foundation. “Sloan’s network of a dozen film schools, six screenplay development partners and three film festivals has created a unique development pipeline to support the core work involving science and technology themes and characters. The program has produced more than 30 full-featured film and new generation filmmakers, including three winners, a finalist and a semi-finalist for the Student Academy Awards from the last Sloan Film Summit in 2017.

“While showing that science can illuminate as well as entertain, the Foundation continues to work on women, as well as people of black, indigenous and racial backgrounds, through new screenplays about the lives and achievements of undisputed personalities like Alice. Ball, Luis Latimer, Benjamin Banerjee, Luis Miramentes and many more hidden personalities, “Weber continued. “We look forward to seeing more great stories about such scientists at this year’s summit.”

“I am thrilled to be working with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation on this extraordinary gathering of filmmakers, film companies and the scientific community,” added Josh Welsh, president of Film Independent Film Independent. “The last few years have only highlighted the importance of science and technology and the power of industry to focus on these issues and bring them into the mainstream. The Sloan Foundation’s commitment to supporting visual storytellers whose work is deeply rooted in science and technology themes is much needed now. “

The Sloan Film Summit, which began in 1999, was organized by Alfred P. Part of the Sloan Foundation’s film program. This year’s event will highlight ways in which art and science can support each other and work towards a common mission; Recognition of the program’s widespread success by supporting young filmmakers while bringing together a new team of artists and scientists.

The film is behind the Independent Spirit Award and seeks to encourage upcoming filmmakers from a variety of backgrounds through additional filmmaker labs (across directing, documentary, episodic and production); Its Fast Track Finance Market and Fiscal Sponsorship, and additional grants and rewards, which provide visual storytellers with more than এক 1 million annually.

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