Gabby, Rachel’s ‘Bachelorette’ Male: Average age, more

Filming for season 19 Bachelorette Officially running and Our weeklyThe details of the podcast are given here “for the right reasons” Gabby Windy And Rachel RechiaIts a potential suitor.

Susanna SomersAka acBachelorData, reveals that the average age of men in the joint bachelor is 29 years.

“Technically, it’s the third youngest cast, but the average age is 28.1,” the Instagram influencer said in an episode on Tuesday, March 29th. UsHere is the podcast “for the right reasons”. “When you look at ‘Oh, this is the third-youngest cast,’ you think, ‘Oh, man, why are they so young?’ But it’s still 28, which is pretty close [the average] Age of marriage [according to] The US Census. “

ABC has not officially confirmed plans for Gabby and Rachel, whose age difference is five years, dating boys from the same group. The former cheerleader turned 31, the pilot turned 26 earlier this month. This makes Gabby one of the oldest bachelors in history.

“The average age of marriage in the United States is 30.5 years,” Somers explained. “And I think that’s really interesting because if you look at Lead’s age, Gabby is the third oldest bachelor – he’s tied up with her. Sad [Sutter]. Trista was 31 years old when she was a bachelor. And only two older bachelorettes Rachel [Lindsay] And Claire [Crawley]. Claire was 39, but Rachel Lindsay was 32. So, I mean, it’s a year difference, but usually, they cast in the 26 to 30 range, so it’s a very small range that they cast lead. “

Somers adds that as far as the “success rate” – couples who are still together or married – is concerned, four out of six bachelors who have made long runs with their final rose winner are over 26 years old.

“Statistically, if they are older, they are more successful, but not necessarily – the best indicator is the age difference between leadership and who to choose,” he continued. “Almost every single successful bachelor has chosen one [partner] That was their age or older. The only ones who did it were Trista and Michelle [Young]Michelle’s season has just ended So until Michelle‚Äôs season, there was only one bachelorette who chose someone younger than them.

For more Bachelor Nation statistics, listen Our Weekly ‘s “Here for the right reason” Podcast 6

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