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Ghosts It may make a simple joke about sounds that are suddenly heard at night, but it will not create the breakout comedy that CBS needs. That’s what the cast of the hit Freshman comedy, which is at the center of a deadline contestant TV event at Paramount Studios.

Exhibit A: In the show’s freshman season, Isaac the revolutionary military man (played by Brandon Scott Jones) came out 250 years later – drink it. “I think it’s funny that these people had to die to find a way to survive,” said Jones, who joined the stage with executive producer Joe Port and stars Rose McIver (Samantha) and Utkarsh Ambudkar (Jay).

“[Isaac] There have been toilets for 250 years, ”he said. “What mental gymnastics do you have to do to keep it going? It’s a really great story that we don’t see very much, when you grow up and just start living.”

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Based on a British format of the same name, Ghosts Focuses on a couple who move into a very old palace inhabited by lively spirits. By the end of the season, Samantha and Jay will open the palace for guests’ beds and breakfast.

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