Gloria Calderon, creator of ‘With Love’, speaks of the diversity spirit of the Calette show

With love Gloria Calderon Kelett, creator and showrunner, says the sense of diversity and representation that drives romantic drama’s interpersonal, interplanetary, and intergenerational love stories was both necessary and superfluous.

“It turns out it wasn’t that hard.” Calderon Kellett said sarcastically underestimating the deadline with Amazon Prime video series cast members Emerwood Tubia, Mark Indelicato, Isis King and Rom Flynn during a competing TV panel. “This series has really come out of the epidemic and sad and missing families, large gatherings are missing, and my Instagram was a dam of violence against black and brown and strange people. And so I wanted to protect these communities in a way that allows us to see ourselves as trauma-free, to enjoy love and happiness, and to improve. “

“About the show: It’s about love,” Calderon Kellett added, noting that mainstream audiences are more prepared for the show’s portrayal of Latino family culture and LGBTQ + relationships. “I have more than one strange person in my family. Everyone ends it. And so let’s show the world what love and acceptance look like. “

“Representation is really so meaningful,” he explained. “And for Latinos, especially now. There’s a graveyard of wonderful Latino shows this past year that we’ve seen go away and you know you’ll be able to continue this story, Mexicans, Afro-Cubans, weird people, everyone finding love everyone loves each other.

“There are also small things, like they own the business,” Calderon Kelett revealed. “The Diaz family owns a business; They’re starting intergenerational resources, something that our community doesn’t talk about very much. The Diaz men own a construction company, as Latinos are the number one minority in business construction. We don’t know that because we don’t see ourselves reflected. So while the show is a rom-less one, it’s really about correcting the mistakes of not seeing yourself in this place. The joy of falling in love is enriching which we really need to see. So that was all there was to it. ”

After Season 1, which ended with a cliffhanger, Calderon Calet hinted at what was going to happen in Season 2, revealing that the new season would focus on a wedding. Each episode will cover one day by chronicling the events leading up to the wedding.

Calderon Kellett said the show even provided some mature Latino members with long experience in Hollywood, including Benito Martinez and Constance Mary.

“I remember when they entered Diaz’s house and Constance started crying, and she was, oh, we have a nice house? We can never get a nice house on TV, ” he recalls. “And it tells you how much work we have to do. And so for me, it was just fun with these two legends who have been working forever and finally they were only able to play the role of a married couple which shows what it was like to be in love, lasting love in your 50’s. “

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