Google tells publishers that they may be demonetized for Ukraine content – deadline

Google is warning publishers to be careful when creating content that “exploits, dismisses or pardons” the Ukraine war.

A message sent late Friday warned publishers that the spread of the currency had spread “claims that victims are responsible for their own tragedy or similar examples of victim blame, such as claims that Ukraine is committing genocide or deliberately attacking its own citizens.” Google has indicated that it may be out of print for other reasons.

Google claims that it is already imposing some restrictions on communications related to the Ukraine conflict. “When they violate existing policies (for example, dangerous or derogatory content policy prompts violence or prohibits monetization of content that denies tragic events).

The contact was signed by the Google Ad Manager team.

Conservative outlets have booted content creators before Google, including Xerohez and The Gateway Pundit. But it also blocked things like Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Prison” to the Atlantic, and other liberal content, such as an article on the abolition of slavery that could be caught on an algorithmic honeymoon. .

Google’s YouTube has, among other things, demonetized content creators for activities such as party-throwing during the epidemic, videos of so-called “low-quality” kids and, in late February, Russian state media outlets, among other things.

Dr. Maria Armaudian, a media scholar, college professor and author Messenger Assassination: The Role of the World’s Destiny Media“It is noteworthy that Google is not doing this with other wars and serious human rights violations that are currently taking place. So it is worth noting and asking whether this is going to be a new policy that is going to continue, or whether it is selectively caring about the lives of our fellow human beings. “

Google has reached a deadline to clarify the Ukraine policy message. We will update if they respond.

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