Gradi Hendrix’s ‘Bad Astronauts’ Novel Reaches Deadline for Movable Content TV – Deadline

Exclusive: In a competitive situation, Kinetic Content has acquired the rights to Grady Hendrix’s upcoming sci-fi comedy novel. Bad astronaut To develop as a half-hour television series with Aperture Entertainment.

Described The right ingredients Meet King of the hills, Bad astronaut Ordinary Americans are trying to accomplish an extraordinary, and very foolish, and extremely dangerous task: launching a manned backyard rocket into space to rescue their abandoned friend.

Adam Goldworm, founder of Hendrix and Aperture Entertainment, will create series adaptations with executive Kinetic Content CEO Chris Coylen and president and partner Melissa Myers.

The official logline of the book reads: “Melville, South Carolina was short of money, it was out of work, it was out of hope and today it was out of astronauts. NASA’s budget has been cut to the bone, there is no one to bring him back to the country. But his cousin Walter will not let that happen. And if he let his cousin die in the sky like a dog, he will be cursed.

“I wanted to write a book where people moved forward and took back their future, a book where people who were crushed by the economy used the good old American superpowers of engineering and building sheets and Banging on Things with Ranches to weave a spell. Spells that have changed the world, “said Hendrix.

Bad astronaut It will be published on April 19 as an ebook and in print and audio format Recorded Books Ezra is doing an audio version of Buzzington’s voice (Fair).. Print and ebook editions are published by JAB Books.

“Development-inspired, unified nature Ted Lasso, We wanted to take a show crowded with everyday American characters King of the hills But put it at risk of life or death, ultimately reminding us that it is still possible to accomplish the impossible, “added Goldworm. Think gravity with more beer.

Hendrix’s latest novel Final Girl Support Group The HBO Max is set up with Charlize Theron with Muscatis and Aperture Entertainment. His Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying VampiresTen buyers were sold to Amazon Studios during the bidding war. Hendrix is ​​currently adapting his novel Horrorstore For the New Republic and Aperture, and a feature adaptation of his novel My best friend’s exorcism Posted on Amazon.

Kinetic, which has recently come up with scripted content, is also adapting the novel. The seven days of June Will Packer for television with the media.

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