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Amazon Prime Video begins second day of deadline contestant TV event with a panel HarlemFeaturing Tracy Oliver, Megan Good, Jerry Johnson, Sonica Shandai and Grace Byers.

“I was kind of shocked that there wasn’t a show centering on black female friendships,” Oliver said. “When I was in New York, it was a lot more black and brown than the shows Sex and the City Or Friends As presented in New York. I like those shows, they are iconic and gorgeous, but you want to see women who want to look like you. “

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Oliver created and wrote this comedy series about four girlfriends living in Harlem. Camille (Good), Tie (Johnson), Quinn (Buyers), and Angie (Shandai) have become friends at NYU and are now in their thirties trying to balance their love life and their careers as they pursue their dreams. .

“There are a lot of shows that I grew up loving and respecting and watching but I didn’t get to see my friends completely,” says Good, “and this is the first time … that I’ve seen.”

“As a weird woman, with lots of weird friends, and we know we can’t see ourselves unforgiving on screen,” says Johnson, “and as the head of the screen, and as Tracy and Tim tie the tie … I’m a black, weird, successful I can sit with my truth as a woman. “

Shondai says, “I’m thinking about my little soul, and how much I needed to see myself on screen, and how much I needed to see this weird beauty and color, because when you see a presentation on screen, everyone looks the same. And that’s not the case.” “

“Caribbean culture is a big part of Harlem culture,” Byers said. “It was special for me, as a Caribbean American, to play someone from my own culture.”

All 10 episodes of the first season Harlem Available for streaming on Amazon Prime video, and the show has been renewed for the second season.

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