HBO Max chief Andy Forsell Discovery Marger – out of date

Add a list of executives to Andy Forsell, the head of HBO Max, who was bloodied at WarnerMedia on Tuesday before the Discovery merger. He was joined by Ann Sarnoff, Chairman and CEO of WarnerMedia Studios and Network Group, and Jason Killer, CEO of WarnerMedia.

It has been rumored that Discovery CEO David Jaslav does not like levels. Okay, the three layers have just run out. Indications are that the $ 43 billion merger could be reduced on Friday.

JB Perret, president and CEO of Discovery Streaming and International, was widely expected to adopt the combined live-to-consumer streaming operation before Forsell’s departure was made official.

We hear that Toby Emmerich, chairman of Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group Studios; Channing Dangi, chairman of Warner Bros. Television; Casey Blaise, head of HBO Max and HBO programming, and Caroline Blackwood, Warner Bros. COO, are safe for now.

Interestingly, Forsell, Killer and Sarnoff were part of a meeting with media reporters in October. Some thought it was an exit trip for the trio, although Killer was silent on the rumors about his departure. The trio played drums about HBO Max’s rah-rah, how they’re back on the stage in 2022, the sequels that were happening Hill Its obesity has been snatched away by HBO Max; Pictures earn only $ 108M stateside. Forsell mentioned in our meeting with him at the deadline that it was not expected that HBO would report ratings on Max’s programming in the near future; The more power the different streamers get, the more they will determine the way of benchmarking. To date, most of the audience results for such big shows Inheritance And Wave An integrated image for both linear and streaming services reported by the network.

The biggest downside here is Sarnoff: Optically, some speculated that it would not be good to see a high-level female executive exit for the new merger; Under that new regime Sarnoff would be given some kind of new position. Sarnoff’s departure email did not provide a definitive answer as to why he was leaving, the executive wrote with various credentials. I was confident because I was one of the smartest, most creative and most innovative team I’ve ever worked with.

We’ve heard from sources that being in a lesser role didn’t mean much for Sarnoff, due to the tendency to delay Discovery. Sarnoff came to Warner Bros. as CEO and then overseen all the content in the studio and network. There is no point in having a seraph.

The trio of executives comes in the wake of a major embarrassment for Project Popcorn Studios, not a day-to-day plan for a slow theater, in terms of talent relationships and paying talent too much, too much for strategy. 2021, but the one that has affected the entire annual slate, starts Wonder Woman 1984. Killer 73M-Plus has surpassed the global HBO Max subscriber base. Clearly, the new administration does not care.

Forsell and Killer are well-known to Hulu, who has stepped down as interim CEO since stepping down from the Killer Streaming joint venture. During his run as an executive at Hulu, Forsell was the SVP of content and distribution. He has developed skills in a field that is now the currency of the media world: determining what kind of content attracts and retains customers in a streaming environment. The killer “Project Popcorn” could make the final call for a day-to-day strategy for the Warner Bros. movie, but Forsell searched for information about the audience who came to HBO Max for the release. Wonder Woman 1984 And what they saw next and how the service could meet those interests Both claimed in the interview that the day-to-date strategy came with a subscription to HBO Max.

Meanwhile, a return to a theater window with WarnerMedia Batman, That movie has raised 700M in response to WW, and is expected to hit the HBO Max in the 45-day window on April 19.

Forsell came to WarnerMedia in 2019 after working as COO at Otter Media, Peter Cherinin’s digital apparel which was eventually incorporated into WarnerMedia parent (for now) AT&T. He was also the COO for Fullscreen, another part of Otter’s digital portfolio.

The deadline has been confirmed by a source close to the matter.

We will update when we receive a statement from WarnerMedia about Forssell.

News of Farsell’s departure reached Variety.

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