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Mip TV is absolutely right around the corner and, as always, content will be king. Deadlines will take you through the 12 best formats and realistic shows as the market returns in person for the first time in three years, illuminating Croeset. Read on for top-notch non-scripted projects going to France April 4-6.

The tunnel of love

Distributor: Sony Pictures International Television

The Internet: Multishow, Brazil

Episodes: 20 x 60

Multisho, Brazil has made a big bet in this latest matchmaking format and it is easy to see why. In this unique social experiment, best friends choose suitors and friendships are tested, living in two different homes, 10 pairs of companions arranging dates for each other with other contestants. And the two houses are connected by a tunnel where the dates take place, the heat is almost always there. A perfect format for networks looking for high-volume shows with a twist for alluring young adult demos.

Rats in the kitchen

Distributor: ITV Studio

The Internet: TBS

Episodes: 10 x 60

Rats in the kitchen It has been under construction for some time, and this year’s Mip TV may be the time for buyers to jump on the hybrid hoodunit / cooking format. Professional chefs and home chefs compete in a series of cooking challenges in the game of high-stakes cats and rats, earning cash in their banks for every meal that affects the judges. But they must at the same time prevent the intervention of a secret rat, and win money if he avoids detection. Covid has slowed down the production of this show but all the systems are gone now and the global network will be ready.


Distributor: Forest Conquest Rights

The Internet: USA Network

Episodes: 13 x 60

The original dating formats are hard to create but there is originality in the spade of this Regency-style series. Combining the weary singles in modern dating, a woman becomes a leading woman and gets her feet crossed by optimistic suitors aiming to bring back the ultimate romance in dating. In a 19th-century English castle, these suitors must fight to win his heart with old-fashioned pursuits, including carriage rides, masquerade balls, archers, fences and handwritten letters. Any buyer looking for dating format with a twist will be interested, and have a feeling of boot duration.

Murder at first sight

Distributor: Abacus Media Rights

The Internet: Sky Crime

Episodes: 10 x 60

Woodcut Media knows how to document a real crime. This latest series for Sky’s Crime Channel tells the tragic story of people who were killed by someone they had never met. Most of the killers know their victims, but the show investigates the alarming 43% increase in ‘Stranger Murders’ and the challenge police face in finding a person suspected of a completely random murder. Not for the faint of heart but certainly for real buyers across the croissant.

60 seconds

Distributor: Warner Bros. International Television Production

The Internet: TVNZ 2

Episodes: 8 x 44

In this heartbreaking, time-based event series, the actors have only one minute to draw the attention of the judges and the audience. The name of the game is High Stack. There is no warm-up, no intro and no build-up but entrants must applaud the judges within this limited time so that the judges can bid for them for their team, there is a $ 30,000 offer for the winner which is ultimately decided by the audience. This year’s Mip TV isn’t showing too much of the traditional competition format so it can be different.

The Next Restaurant

Distributor: Fremantle

The Internet: Reset 13

Episode: 22 x 60

The competition combines reality with this innovative Israeli format where contestants have to present a vision for their own restaurant and if successful, the first week of their business is tracked by camera. Contestants serve two meals from their menu in a small studio-built prototype of their restaurant, and before receiving a weighted score based on diners, investors, critics’ assessments, a real version opens the next night for a full week if they win. Judges are more likely to serve buyers in search of this one Apprentice-Style schedule filler that people will talk about.


Distributor: BBC Studio

The Internet: TV2 Norway

Episodes: 5 x 60

Finding the next big tune always makes for a good TV and Megahit! With no exception, six famous faces join established music producers in the format of this competition and inspired by a weekly theme, each pair works to write and create a song, which the celebrity then serves live. The celebrity at the bottom of the leaderboard is dropped and replaced by a new star who competes in the next show. Megahit!Interest is guaranteed and is already performing well in Norway. When produced well, any TV / music crossover can persuade a buyer to buy pants.

Open House: The Great Sex Experiment

Distributor: Emotions

The Internet: Channel 4

Episodes: 6 x 60

Modern dating has been adopted by TV in recent years and from this real-entertainment format Mothers are obscene Producer Firecracker Films takes it to the next level, spotlighting the growing number of modern couples who participate in openness. Breaking social barriers is not easy and in the eyes of experts, Open An intense fast track experience takes six couples through to see if their relationship is open for them. Part of a string of formats that peek behind the screen of modern relationships and one that will probably catch the eye of certain networks.

The Last Overland

Distributor: eOne

The Internet: All4

Episodes: 4 x 60

Anything involving Sir David Attenborough is going to be a winner and this All4 documentary is particularly special in that it relates to the pioneer of 95 years of natural history. In 1955, Attenborough, a young BBC producer at the time, ran a TV series to share the journey of six young men who first made history by driving 19,000 miles from London to Singapore. Inside The last overland, A team of adventurers will recreate the same ambitious journey, with interesting results. Don’t miss the growing canon of Attenborough content.

Train to war

Distributor: Out of rights

The Internet: Planet +

Episodes: 4 x 60

World War II docs need to have a USP and that is the train. The Dynamic History series sheds new light on four famous war campaigns – the Battle of England, Barbarossa, Operation Overlord, and the release of Frank – analyzed by the train’s unique prism. Vehicles became increasingly important for combat efforts during conflicts, moving away from their traditional “iron horse” role in transportation and logistics to become customized war machines. A mix of witness testimonials and mandatory international archives, including new graphics, 3D imagery and detailed mapping, Train to war Examines the role of train and rail networks in restoring complex historical situations and undermining their importance in military strategy. With A life in the picture, This is another way to get attention from high-end factual channels.

Crisis in the Cocaine Valley

Distributor: Quintus Studio

The Internet: Uncertain

Episodes: 1 x 60

The Cocaine Valley sits deep in the Peruvian Andes, and like the rest of the world, it has not been seen to come to the Kovid epidemic. In this one-stop dock, highlighting the potentially-less-than-considered effects of the global crisis, cocaine pools and drug labs in rivers and forests are tracked down to explore the knock-on-on-effects of the epidemic on the drug trade, revealing how Santa Rose – Cocaine Valley Center – collapsed, and with it the local people. Presenting a global crisis in an impressive context, this dock will probably have buyers on the edge of their seats.

100 years of Ulysses

Distributor: RTÉ Program Sales

The Internet: RTÉ

Episodes: 1 x 60

Everyone loves a centenary anniversary piece and this RTÉ single reminds one of the best: James Joyce Ulysses. The Dock is set to unlock one of the most impenetrable and explosive books of modern times, a novel that the author spent seven years in and will have an unprecedented impact on modern literature. Hi-Bro Network Axis will lick their lips.

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