House passes more laws to make marijuana federally free!

It’s light! The House has officially passed the MORE Act, which will legalize cannabis nationwide! The best part is that the bill would repeal the criminal penalty for anyone who manufactures, distributes or possesses this substance. According to CNN, the bill was sponsored by Jerry Nadler, a Democratic Republican from New York. In addition to criminalizing, it would prevent federal agencies from denying federal workers safety clearances for cannabis use.

The bill passed by 220 to 204 votes, with the support of California Republican Tom McClintock, Brian Mast, and Matt Gates of Florida. However, Texas Democrat Henry Queller and New Hampshire’s Chris Pappas were among those who voted against the bill. It is taking a dig to help more work veterans. Reports indicate that this will allow the Veterans Administration to prescribe medical marijuana to surviving veterans with a number of problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

In addition, it will support revenue by approving sales tax on cannabis sales. Most importantly, the bill would change lives by removing the records of those convicted of non-violent cannabis crimes. House Majority Leader Stanley Hoyer spoke, saying it could “drive people of color and affect their lives and careers indefinitely.” He went on to say, “This could lead to difficulties in finding employment, difficulty finding housing, denial of access to federal benefits, denial of financial assistance to colleges and universities, and denial of the right to vote. That is why we are dealing with it.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosio shared comments praising the law at her weekly news conference yesterday. “The law is consistent with what is happening in many parts of the country,” he said. It also addresses its iniquity because of what the punishment was before it. This criminalization has taken place, “he added. “So I’m here for it.”

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