How Hannah Brown felt about Peter Weber, Tyler Cameron’s book

As he prepares for release God bless this messy journalFollow-up of his best-selling memoirs, Hannah Brown The response is reflected God bless this mess.

“I am very grateful for all the support that has been given to me for this book. I’m really proud just the feedback that I got from people who really helped it. There was a lot of talk about the book, and I knew it would be there, but overall, I think if people really read the book, it would be my experience, “said the 27-year-old author exclusively. Our weeklyIts a “here for the right reasons” podcast. “And I think when people can get a little quote out of a book, it can be misleading. I never wanted to hurt anyone by writing the book. It was about my experience and ownership of how I deal with every relationship, every opportunity, I’ve played a role in every obstacle that came my way. I had a lot to learn and a lot to grow from. Able. “

Hannah Brown focuses on Peter Weber, Tyler Cameron's response to his book

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The November 2021 release documents Brown’s life, including Season 15 Bachelorette – and with it his overnight date. Peter Weber. He further revealed that the two were secretly caught up when the season of his show aired a few months later.

“I did not [talk to her after the book came out]. I reached out to him, I got no comment [back] And, you know, what it is. Personally, I wouldn’t do anything like that, “said the season 24 bachelor in” Here for the Right Regions “earlier this year. “If two people have a personal situation and talk and they say they will keep it a secret, I just keep it private. I don’t know – he has done this to me twice now where he said he would not say anything. And then he says something. “

Brown also addressed the end of his relationship with Runner Up Tyler Cameron, Who claimed to have texted him “If you rock with me, you rock with me” as their final exchange. “I got the receipt, too,” the model said in the “Bellas Podcast” podcast when the book came out.

“I can’t really remember what their reaction was. It’s been so long, “Brown said Us His exes. “I don’t think any of them have read my book. I think it’s hard when it comes out just a few quotes or, for example, big moments that I’m sure might be annoying if they haven’t read the book, but it wasn’t really about it. It was all about my processing journey and my role in it and how I can move forward better. It was not intended to be personal or hurtful at all. I respect how they all have progressed and I continue to do so. “

One of the ways the Alabama native was able to move forward was through journalism, something he hopes his fans will embrace with his April 12 release.

“I think it’s something that scares people about journalism. They think they have to write in it every day, but I think it’s a tool for you to use in those days that you really have to journal, “he said. Us. “The way I formatted this journal for the user [is] To help them learn journals. There is no right way, but there is nothing wrong with that [being] Be honest with yourself. And sometimes learning to be honest with yourself is something you need a handheld to do. What I did with the two parts of the journal was I wanted to show people how you can use your journal as a tool to overcome those difficult moments. “

Brown enlisted his therapist to help write the journal.

“I wanted to bring my therapist with me to help make sure I was creating a prompt that would help a person at a time when they need to learn the right way from a professional – on the prompts that let them actually get down to what’s happening.” He said: “Emotions are what are actually there versus. Sometimes when we are at the very surface level. I think we all tend to do this when the layers are a bit painful below. So having a therapist can help me make sure I’m here. Giving prompts that will actually help you get through the pain or even celebrate the joys and great times of life. The only way to really be able to help a person write and grow. “

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