‘I Love My Dad’ Producer Huntz Motion Pictures Unveils Distribution Arm –

Exclusive: Patton Oswalt Wins Grand Jury and Audience Award at SXSW for Photo I love my dad, Hantz Motion Pictures is expanding its company portfolio in distribution, launching Best and Final Releasing. This new arm of the company will allow it to create a complete, end-to-end model for film, ranging from marketing and distribution to financing and production.

The best and final release will serve as a house for underdog features that are increasingly under-served in the current distribution landscape, including the critically acclaimed Sundance 2020 photo by Adam Carter Rehmeier. Dinner in America Being the first in the docket for release. Hantz Motion Pictures has brought in Lindsay Hard, who previously ran the brand for marketing firm Carat USA, to run for the best and final points.

Laurent Huntz, president of Huntz Motion Pictures, said, “The launch of the best and final release will allow Huntz Motion Pictures to offer a complete collaborative model for filmmakers from start to finish.” “We look forward to working with filmmakers not only to create great stories, but now to bring them directly to theaters and home audiences.”

“As a producer who knows what it’s like to be in the trenches of independent filmmaking, blood, sweat and tears are involved in making a great film, I believe that working with a distribution partner should not be another headache, just as it should be.” Bill Sturtz, vice president of Huntz Motion Pictures, added: “I would like to add Lindsay to our team to help us launch our new distribution label Best and Final Releasing in a real partnership and collaboration with the filmmakers. I can’t get too excited. “

Huntz Motion Pictures is currently in post-production of director Steve Bussemi’s film You all, Starring Tessa Thompson. More information about the company founded in 2020 to finance and produce creative and ambitious independent cinema can be found here.

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