Is Sheldon gay Missy thinks she’s young Sheldon – gay in time

Thursday’s 100th episode Young Sheldon The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes of CBS, but it’s more about how Cooper’s kids are turning into adults. Here, co-producer and executive producer Steven Mollaro addresses the key plot points of the episode, including commenting on Missy Sheldon’s sexuality and whether Georgie is ready to be a parent.

Deadline: Since it was the 100th episode, what was on your mind? Do you want to say, ‘We have to grow up?’ And get the alphabet from The Big Bang Theory?

Steven Mollaro In fact, it was the opposite. We didn’t want to force you to quote some quotes from the special episode because it was number 100. We really wanted to come up with an episode that we were excited to write about, and a number that I think most viewers might not even pay attention to.

Deadline Sheldon’s friend Page is having a hard time at college. What does the arc of this story mean for Sheldon?

Molarro Back to Page (McKenna Grace) and Sheldon (Ian Armitage). They’re both equally smart, but she’s had more trouble dealing with him than her parents divorced, which she blamed herself for in previous episodes. And now in this episode, those are the troubles for him in college. It’s nice to see Sheldon get a little glimpse of his own experience through the only other person he knows who is in a similar situation.

Deadline Sheldon had a good conversation with his sister Missy. While Page is in his dorm room, he tries to find a way to entertain himself, so he asks his sister for one of his Sassy magazines. (Missy responds: “I knew it! Well, I’m fine with that. But don’t tell Dad.”) Has he started believing his brother is gay?

Molarro That’s the thought. I think Missy (Raegan Revord) has spent some time trying to figure out who her brother is and what her sexuality might be… which, as we know, has long been a question mark, through The Big Bang Theory.

Deadline This is Sheldon’s first explicit mention of sex, isn’t it?

Molarro Yes. I think a lot of that is happening this current season. Ian and Reagan started the show when they were 9 years old and now they are young adults. They are incredible actors so we can explore more mature moments in the story line.

Deadline This is a very heavy moment, when Georgie (Montana Jordan) learns that she can be a father. First, what is the age of consent in Texas?

Molarro No law is being broken. It is not illegal. It’s just a mess.

DEADLINE So this is a story that has some legs?

Molarro Yes, this story goes on till the end of the season.

DEADLINE Now what about Meemaw (Annie Potts)? Is he and Dale going to get back together soon?

Molarro I don’t know what will happen. I can tell you that Craig T. Nelson (Dale), whom we love and adore, is not leaving the show He is deeply involved with the story at the moment. George Sr. is working for him at Sporting Good Store. So even though Dale and Mima are not a couple at the moment, we have no desire to leave her.

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