J. Cole says he was “blown away” when he first heard the BIA’s ‘London’

BIA J. Cole has made quite an impression! She gave him all the flowers in a recent post about their song London.


BIA’s name and word is not just a discussion, he is a top rapper with some of the best features in the industry. We’re talking about co-signing with Queen Nicki Minaj’s ‘Whole Lota Money (Remix) and Elusive Cole’! A few hours before the release of the music video London, He expressed his own surprise at his recent collaboration. He yelled at Russia for their 2019 hit ‘Best on Earth’.

“Brother, I went to the original studio, and got up at the original booth and raped with RUSS, NICKI and Cole !!! This is the king legend, “he tweeted. “I’m honestly shaking with myself.”

Now, J. Cole has confirmed equal excitement for their new track. How he took to Instagram with a rare paragraph post filled with insights London Came to be. Cole began by admitting that he did not want to share a one-minute clip of their music video. In his words, “Everyone should hear this word correctly.” Then, he told the story of how he came across the first song.

Flowers for BIA

“I asked BIA to come through the studio for some more work. First meeting with him. We cut it. He told me about this new song that he had just done. ” Cole wrote in his caption. At that moment I was amazed.

“I’ve been thinking about this song for a month, it’s my favorite song and I’ve only heard it once. He hit me recently and sent me the song (he must have known I wanted to hear it again !!!) and I am grateful that it is in my possession.

Roommate, when it comes to Cole, compliments will be poetic. Let’s BIA BIA and London.

He continued, “When I came up with the idea and the conversation about adding a verse, I was excited but really nervous because I didn’t even see how the song could be better after what he had done. I didn’t want to do anything! I’m glad I caught the right wave. “

“Thank you BIA for putting me on this record with you, love this work and love your strength and spirit,” Cole wrote.

Shed Room Exclusive

We broke the first look of the music video with a short, exclusive clip. As of Friday evening, the preview has more than one million views. Peek into the whole vibe that BIA and Cole have brought to their joint London. In less than 24 hours, the collected views sit at 680,000 plus.

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