J. Low’s Engagement Rings from Ben Affleck: Price, Carat Comparison

Compare Jennifer Lopez's engagement ring from Ben Affleck: 2002 vs 2022

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. John Salangsang / Shutterstock

Exceeding yourself. Fool Recommended Jennifer Lopez The second time with a new ring – even rarer than the one he gave her in 2002.

Lopez, 52, revealed her engagement in the “On the JLO” newsletter on Friday, April 8, late at night. In a video, the “Waiting Tonight” singer is seen sobbing softly over her ring while whispering in the audio, “You’re perfect.”

Affleck, 49, had previously offered Gigli Coaster in November 2002 with a rare pink diamond. They never parted ways in 2004. However, Our weekly It was confirmed in May 2021 that the pair had reconnected and almost 20 years later, the Oscar winner popped the question with a different ring – but this could be even more rare.

Compare Jennifer Lopez's engagement ring from Ben Affleck: 2002 vs 2022

Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring from Ben Affleck. Dan Steinberg / BEI / Shutterstock; Courtesy of On the JLO

Jenny LookerThe president of the Platinum Guild International USA estimates that the price of the green gem is probably double the price of the pink diamond.

“Jennifer’s ring features a natural green diamond, about 4-carat, set with white diamonds next to a platinum band,” Luke said in a statement. Us. “Since natural green diamonds are so rare, I guess this ring is worth at least িয়ন 5 million.”

Corinne Taylor DavisA gemologist at Do Amor says the ring could fetch around $ 3 million at auction. He further speculated that Affleck had to pay a premium for stones of that color and quality. “There is literally nothing like this on the market,” Davis explained in his analysis. “That means Ben has been working on this ring through a private channel for months.”

The pink Harry Winston diamond was a rare item, valued at approximately 2.5 million in 2002 (now even higher with inflation). According to author and geologist TikToker, the green diamond is of course even more rare Amanda Smith (DashboardGiology). He explained to his followers how the stunning color penetrated the rock, making it hard to find.

“The way you get a green diamond is that you have to get a diamond that initially meets all the criteria for being a gemstone,” Smith explained in a video. “It simply came to our notice then. It needs to be enlarged to a large size without any visible errors or clarity features. It can’t crack, it can’t fracture – something that can’t cut it later. So it has to reach that size, it has to grow with those conditions and then it has to go to the surface. “

All of this made Affleck’s 2002 engagement ring extremely valuable to Lopez, but the green color made the stone even more rare. “Then, it has to be hung next to the uranium and the stone has to be irradiated with beta or gamma waves to make it green because that’s how you get a green diamond. It’s from radiation, and it’s incredibly rare. Can you see the depth of color? Good job, Ben, “says Smith.

The color was probably a definite choice on the part of the Argo director. “I always say green is my lucky color. You may remember a certain green dress, “Lopez wrote in an earlier edition of her newsletter, referring to the Versace gown she wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards. I wore green.”

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