Jaden Eliza joins ‘St. X’ Hulu Drama Series – Deadline

Exclusive: Jaden Elia (Out of school forever) Round the main cast out St. X, Hulu joins Victoria Pedretti, Josh Bonzi and West Duchess in an eight-episode series from writer Leila Gerstein and director De Rees.

Based on Alexis Shatkin’s novel, St. X. It is a psychological drama told through multiple timelines and perspectives that explore and highlight the girl-missing genre. It is a ceremony in which the mysterious death of a young woman during a beautiful Caribbean vacation creates the effect of a tragic wave that eventually drags her surviving sister into a perilous pursuit of truth.

Eliza plays Edwin, a handsome and magnetically charming employee at the island resort who immediately catches Allison’s attention. He has a healthy distrust of rich whites whom he pays to serve and one day dreams of leaving the island for New York.

Garstein (Handmade’s Tale) The project is written and will be produced by De Rees (Mudbound) with executive production and executive production. Stephen Williams will co-executive with David Levine and Jack Hayden for anonymous content, Aubrey Graham PKA Drake, Adele “Future” Nur, and Jason Schreier for DreamCrew Entertainment, Alexis Shatkin and Steve Pearlman. St. X. An ABC signature production.

Eliza’s achievement features Oliver Milburn Out of school forever And the UK comedy series Hank Zipper. He was recruited by the Identity Agency Group (IAG).

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