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Jake Gyllenhaal returns tonight SNL For the first time since 2007, its inaugural monologue reflects on how long ago it was.

“It was like the last 400 Marvel movies,” he said Ambulance Star jokes. “To give you an idea of ​​what it was like in 2007, the show I hosted had a sketch of George W. Bush, there was a joke about the first iPhone, and it’s a picture of me from my monologue.”

We then create a gruesome image of Glennhall in a wig and shiny gown, with Maya Rudolph, Amy Pohler and Kristen Weigg working as his backup singers. “I was in a trance, singing a song Dg, To promote a movie where I played a gay cowboy, “said Host. “That was probably the least problematic thing about that episode, but looking back, I think I was a completely different person.”

Gillenhall then went on to discuss the fact that he had earned a reputation as “the actor of this serious, intense approach”, although he was “not so good” at giving such performances. “I remember this movie Nightcrawler, I went to the director and I was like, ‘Get ready to lose 48 pounds for me and win an Oscar.’ And then a week later I think, ‘How would you like to see an actor lose 36 pounds and win a Golden Globe? He joked. “Then, I appeared on the set and thought, ‘You’re looking at a guy who gained 10 pounds and didn’t think about the prize.'”

The truth is, Gillenhall explained, he was just “doing things that way” because he thought you had to do it to be a serious actor – and that led him to forget “how to have fun”.

“Now that I’ve realized something I should have realized long ago – acting is a really silly thing to do,” he said. “It’s pretending and it’s fun, and it should be full of joy. Well, at last I’m embracing that joy again, and that’s why I’m back on stage.”

Gilenhall said he never thought SNL He made his debut on the show many years ago with “Let’s Call” again. In fact, he wasn’t sure he would remember How Inviter. “But staying here tonight,” he said, “seems like everything is coming back suddenly.”

Gyllenhaal then gave a very promising performance of Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now”, backed by Chloe Feynman, Ego Noodim and Sicily Strong.

Gyllenhaal joins musical guest Camilla Cabello on tonight’s show. Deadline This story will be updated with video when it arrives.

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