Japanese director Sion Sono accused of sexual harassment – report – deadline

Famous Japanese director Sion Sono, known for such films Love exposure And AntipornoAs well as the recent Nicholas Cage-starring Prisoners of the GhostlandSeveral Japanese actresses have been accused of sexual harassment.

The allegations surfaced in a post on a local site Dry Josee Prime Allegations of anonymous immorality with actresses. According to Deadline’s sister publication, DiversityThe alleged predatory behavior has been linked to Sono’s acting workshop and an upcoming workshop has been canceled.

Actor Yuki Matsuzaki, who has appeared in such films Eo Jim’s letter And Pink Panther 2Complaint tweeted:

Milla Araki, who has billed herself as a “former actress”, also weighed in:

According to Diversity, Sono responded to the complaint with a statement from his company today, saying: “Anyone can be concerned. Thank you so much for your continued support. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and may cause concern to all parties involved. We will make a new announcement after checking and sorting out the facts. ”

Sono has been on the festival circuit for over 30 years, winning awards in Berlin and Toronto.

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