Johnny Flynn thriller ‘Cordelia’ acquired by Screen Media – Deadline

Exclusive: Screen Media Psychological Thriller Wins North America CordeliaAntonia Campbell-Hughes (It is present in all of us) And Johnny Flynn (Emma), From Great Point Media, which reserves the right to distribute worldwide outside the UK. The Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment Company plans to release the title from director Adrian Shergold (Pierpoint: The Last Hangman) Day-dates in at least 10 cities in May.

Cordelia The centerpiece of Campbell-Hughes’ character of the same name is a young woman living in London with her twin sister, who quickly becomes suspicious when she first meets her mysterious alluring neighbor, Frank (Flynn). Over the weekend out of town with his sister, the anxious Cordelia, completely alone and engulfed by her many fears, begins to unravel and sink into the traumas of the past, Frank tries to make his way in life more interesting.

Joel Fry (Yesterday), Michael Gambon (Harry Potter Franchise) and Katherine McCormack (Brave heart) Has also starred in a film written by Shergold and Campbell-Hughes, which has already been released to critical acclaim in the UK. Produced by Kevin Proctor for StudioPiou, produced by Andrew Boswell, Sally Hawkins, Georgina Lowe, Tania Reddin, Perry Travers and Charlie Wood.

“Cordelia feels betrayed. He is a survivor… but it brings guilt… the reality is blurred. Which is real and which is not? ” Shergold said. “Paranoia sets in, but being paranoid doesn’t mean you’re wrong.”

“A modern woman’s hand is reminiscent of the great classic British psychological horror of the 1960s, CordeliaIts London is preserved, splendid and prosperous, “said Campbell-Hughes. “It’s a pleasure to share this rare gem we’ve brought to the international audience of movie lovers.”

Screen Media added in a statement, “Cordelia is a kind of thriller that immediately creates an atmosphere of confusion and thanks to the amazing performances of Antonia Campbell Hughes and Johnny Flynn.” “

Screen Media has also recently acquired Psychological Thriller Good neighbor, Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers; Psychological horror film Monster, Starring Christina Ricky; Thriller Innocent room, Starring Emil Hirsch and Kate Bosworth; Horror film CursedStarring Mena Subhari Willie’s Wonderland Director Kevin Lewis; Gigi Gaston 9 bullets, Starring Lena Heidi and Sam Worthington; And Philip Noyes Quick Charlie, Starring Pierce Brosnan. The company has released the action-thriller GoldStarring Zac Efron, earlier this month.

EVP discusses global acquisition and co-production Seth Needle deals Cordelia On behalf of the screen media, with Great Point Media on behalf of the filmmakers.

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