Join in the thriller ‘Cinnamon’ from Damon Owens, Palm Greer Toby, Village Roadshow –

Damon Owens (of Fox) Deadly weapons) And Pam Greer (Jackie Brown) Signed to star in Noir Thriller with Haley Kilgore, David Yakno and Jeremy Harris CinnamonWhich will make its exclusive debut on Fox’s free streaming service, Tubi, later this year.

The film, currently being made in Atlanta, follows Jodi Jackson (Kilgore), a struggling small-town gas station attendant and aspiring singer, who is robbed at work, whose life is sent on a tailspin. As previously announced, Yakono is playing the role of music manager Eddie, the couple’s fidelity to Hustler’s boyfriend, playing James Walker with Harris, a young gangster in the drug business.

Greer will play Mama, the undisputed head of her family’s criminal organization, whose son James fulfills her wishes. Owens will portray Wally, the owner of the convenience store who is robbed. He is a businessman who also owns a used car which has made him a fixture in local TV commercials. Wally hates James and Mama deeply; He borrowed money from them to start his business, badly overstretched, and aggressively cooking books (cheating his partners) to give himself a better lifestyle and maximize his profits.

Cinnamon The first film made under a recently announced film deal with Village Roadshow Pictures to produce multiple films from Tubi’s “Black Near Cinema” initiative. Emerging filmmaker Brian Keith Montgomery Jr. is directing from his script, while Kevin Garnett is producing alongside Oz Scott through his content cartel.

Owens is a four-time Emmy nominee best known for co-producing and starring in the iconic sketch series, Living color. He recently played Roger Murtaza on Fox Deadly weapons The series as well as the series has appeared on TV Happy finishing, Underground, My wife and kids, Damon And Live Saturday night. Includes his film credits Comedy of penguins, Bamboo bushes, Celtic Pride, Major Payne, Last Action Hero, Mo ‘money, The Last Boy Scout, I’m going to dry you, The girls of the world are easy And Beverly Hills Cop.

Greer is a Golden Globe nominee known for his roles in the series Blessings this mess And such films Jackie Brown, Foxy Brown And Coffee, Who will later appear on Lindsay Bear’s untitled Pet Cemetery project for Paramount +. He has also appeared in films Bad grandma, People with iron fists, Larry Crown, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Ghosts of Mars, Love the hard way, Snowy days, Mars attack!, Escape from LA And Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. Additional TV credits included This is us, Smallville And L sound.

Wayans represented CAA and Brecheen Feldman Breimer; Greer Talentworks and Brechen, Feldman, Bremer.

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