Join Stephen Dorf, John McEnroe, Gina Gerson and Luka Sabbat in The Trainer –

Exclusive: Steven Dorf (Old Henry), John McEnroe (Eight of the ocean), Gina Gerson (Emily is the culpritAnd wounds on the Sabbath (Big-ish) Has signed on to star in Dark Comedy with Vito Snabel InstructorWhich Tony Kay (American History X) Managing from a script by Snabel and Jeff Solomon.

The film is set to be made tomorrow, after nearly a decade of development, based on a basic story by Snabel. It unfolds an eight-day sleep-deprived chaos and follows Jack, his unfortunate fitness expert who lives with his mother in Los Angeles, trying to grasp his version of the frenzy of fame and fortune. American dream. Julia Fox, Steven Van Zandt and Taylor Page are also starring. Details about the newly added characters in the cast have not been released.

Snabel, Kay and Jeremy Steckler (Old man and gun, Only the brave(Produced by George Passwell)Night house, Jack is boating) To serve as executive producer.

Dorf recently appeared in Potsi Ponciroli’s Western Old HenryAnd on Fox Assistant. He has been seen in films before I will find you, Leatherface, Ice man, Somewhere, The enemy of the people, World Trade Center, Cold Creek Manor, Zulander, Blade And I shot Andy Warhol. Additional TV credits included The real detective And They.

McEnroe is an actor and former professional tennis player who describes Netflix’s upcoming comedy series. No I never have. He has acted in films before Eight of the ocean, Whimsical show, Jack and Jill, You don’t mess with the Johan, Wimbledon, Anger management And Mr. DeedsAnd in such series Canaan, 30 Rock And Suppress your efforts. During his career in tennis, he established himself as the only male player to win more than 70 titles in singles and doubles.

Gerson will be seen in a thriller soon Emily is the culprit From Roadside Attractions and Vertical Entertainment, which premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. He has appeared in such films Rifkins Festival, Cage fighter, American dresser, Little mermaid, Blocker, 9/11, Staten Island Summer, Killer Joe, PS I love you, Slackers, Inner, In Guinea, Palmetto, Face / off, Showgirls, Players, Cocktail And Pink is beautiful. Includes his TV credits New Amsterdam, Betty, Riverdale, Red Oaks, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jade Nation, Primary And Save me. Other upcoming films where Gershan is going to be screened include the romance of Aleta Chappell Love is extremeDylan K. Narang’s comedy Tapaingo And the adaptation of Eli Roth’s video game Borderlands.

Sabbath is best known for his portrayal of Luca Hall in Freeform’s Big-ish. Additional credits include Lena Dunham’s Sundance 2022 feature Sharp stick And Jim Jarmush’s Zombie Comedy, The Dead Don’t Die.

Dorf is represented by ICM Partners and Hansen, Jacobson, Taylor; McEnroe by IMG and international artists; Gerson by Artist First, Manager Randy Michelle and Shrek Rose Dapello; And Sabbat by CAA and Attorney Marios Rush.

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