JoJo Siva closes the signature ponytail: see hard picture

Change! When Jojo Siva Known for her long blonde hair, often tied to a high ponytail with a bow, she is ready to try something new.

“So, I cut my hair yesterday, and yesterday I went for it, like, [a] Down and curly moments but today I went, like, an up and back moment, ”the Dancing with the Stars Season 30 Finalist, 18, explained Thursday, April 7, in the Instagram Story video. “I think I can be up and back [style]. I mean, it’s going to be different every day because I’m still learning how to do it. It’s different than long hair, it’s crazy but, ahhhh. “

Siva first debuted her new haircut via an Instagram post on Thursday, sharing a selfie of her new ‘do’. He captioned it, “Happyppi.”

JoJo Siva has cut her signature ponytail

Jojo Siva Courtesy of Jojo Siva / Instagram

Nebraska has earned a reputation as a cast member of Native Lifetime Dance mom, Often donating a colorful hair bow and a ponytail. The style soon turned into her signature look and even inspired a line of hair accessories sold through Nickelodeon’s licensing branch.

“Come back Dance momWe were all too lazy to get ready, I would say, “said Siwa exclusively Our weekly In May 2020. “Thinking back to those days, I could go a week without taking a bath. Literally, all I would do is put my hair in a ponytail. I’d like it to fall asleep with a ponytail. I’ll wake up and I’ll slick it again. I just want to spray down my wispies and I want to go with my day. For example, I’ll keep them for a few days. “

He continued: “And as I got older, it was just with me. I never felt the need to do anything different.”

Nickelodeon Alam – who went public in January 2021 – has grown up accustomed to showing the texture of her natural hair through social media, which has made headlines with a different look.

“It didn’t encourage me to take it off often,” Siva said Us At the time “Also, it didn’t scare me to take it down, because when you’ve done something for so long, it can be scary to do something different. And to see that world was like, ‘Oh, we like it.’ I was like, ‘Oh, that’s pretty cool.’ Now, if I want to take it down again, they like it. “

The “Kid in a Candy Store” performer’s new hairstyle is not the only change she has made in her recent life. Siva, who had been dating before Kylie Preu For almost a year, a new love came into her life.

“I was going to delete my entire biography but I just kept the lock [emoji]”The J. Tim The star jumped during an interview on the March 30 “Rachel Uncensored” podcast. “We are not unmarried. I say ‘we’ because it is a multiple personality between me and myself. I am not unmarried and I do not want to mix. No, I am a loyal woman.”

He added: “Listen, I went around the block, I tried a lot and I learned a lot and I’m very, very, very happy with where I am now.”

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