JoJo Siva reveals that she is ‘not unmarried’ after Kylie Preew split

Dance mom JoJo Siva reveals she is 'not single' after Kylie Prew split

JoJo Siva and Kylie Priu. John Salangsang / Shutterstock; Courtesy Kylie Preu / Instagram

The market is closed! After about four months Jojo Siva And Kylie Preu It’s called Exit on their whirlwind romance, Dance mom I came forward

“I was going to delete my entire biography but I just kept the lock [emoji]”Siva, 18, Wednesday, March 30,” Rachel Uncensored said in an interview on the podcast, revealing her new romantic status: “We’re not unmarried. No, and I don’t want to mix. No, I’m a loyal woman. “

Nebraska Native continues: “Listen, I went around the block, I tried a lot and I learned a lot and I’m very, very, very happy with where I am now.”

Although Siva did not reveal the identity of her new love, she told the host Rachel Ballinger That he is “happy” and that “everything is important.”

The Dancing with the Stars Prior to the season 30 finalists, the pre-18 date was almost a year until their separation in November 2021.

“We officially broke up in the morning that I had the Prince Charming number [with partner Jenna Johnson] On Dancing with the Stars“She is OK Us Next month. “It’s been a few weeks and it’s been tough, but we’re going through it. I handled it very differently [if I wasn’t on the show]. I just want to[ed] It’s time to dump her. “

The Siwas Dance Pop Revolution The star added at the time: “And then I got it [time to be sad] And I was like, ‘I’m so lucky I have nothing more now.’ And I realized that what was bothering me was that I felt I could no longer be friends with anyone. And then I was, ‘That’s dumb.’ We started making friends by snapchating every day. We will return to friendship. “

Siwa – who went public in January 2021 – has befriended Florida locals while figuring out how to move forward.

“As I said before, I want to get a hug friend because I miss hugs a lot,” admits the former contestant dancer. Us At the People’s Choice Awards in December 2021. “I am not against it [dating]. Obviously, I believe in it, for example, life is life and tonight I can meet someone I have fallen in love with. And the next time I fall in love, you know, I’m down to date, but until then, I skip dating for fun. I would only date if I was really serious. “

Siva further stated at the time that he was “looking for someone who truly loves me” and was a supportive partner who “doesn’t want to change who I am.”

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