Joko Anwar will direct ‘Fritzchen’ for the village roadshow; Michael Weir Scripting –

Exclusive: Indonesian Helmer Joko Anwar (Impetigor) Is preparing for its debut in English FreetchenAn adaptation of Charles Beaumont’s classic short story, which is being made at the Village Roadshow.

Although the story, published in 1953, examines a boy’s encounter with a strange creature on the beach, mixing sci-fi and horror elements, details of the film’s plot are kept secret. Michael Weir (Broodmeyer) Is adapting the script on board with David Kapal for Entertainment 360. Village Roadshow recently picked up the short story and will serve as the project financier.

Beaumont was an acclaimed science fiction writer best known for this type of writing Twilight area Episodes such as “The Howling Man,” “Static,” “Miniature,” “Printers Devil,” and “Number Twelve Looks Like You.” He also co-wrote the screenplay for the film Brain dead, Red death mask, 7 faces of Dr. Lao, Haunted palace, Eagle night, Premature burial And Queen of spaceAs well as such novels Run from Hunter And Unauthorized intruder, While publishing nine anthologies of short fiction. Beaumont was also the subject of Jason Brock’s 2010 documentary Charles Beaumont: The Magic Man of the Short Life of Twilight Zone.

Anwar is an acclaimed filmmaker of the genre whose features Impetigor Indonesia was nominated for an Oscar entry for 2021. In addition to that horror film, a woman co-directed a film about her journey to her remote ancestral village. Gundala, Servants of Satan, A copy of My Mind, Conduct, Forbidden door, Dead time And Johnny’s promise.

Anwar is represented by CAA, Good Fear Content and Jackway Austin Tyrman; Verv, Good Fear Content, and Vars of Marks Law Group.

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