Josh Bonzi will star in ‘St. X’ Hulu Drama Series – Deadline

Exclusive: Josh Banji (Politician) Set as the lead opposite Victoria Pedretti St. X, Hulu’s eight-episode series from author Leila Garstein and director De Rees.

Based on Alexis Shatkin’s novel, St. X is a psychological drama told through multiple timelines and perspectives that explore and highlight the girl-missing genre. It is a ceremony in which the mysterious death of a young woman during a beautiful Caribbean vacation creates the effects of a tragic wave that eventually drags her surviving sister into a perilous pursuit of truth.

Bonnie Clive will play ‘Gogo’ Richardson, whom we see as a shy and inexperienced but warm-hearted 20-year-old, and again decades later as a tough, changed man.

Garstein (The Handmaid’s Tale(Wrote the project and will do executive production with De Rees)Mudy) Management and executive production. Stephen Williams will co-executive with David Levine and Jack Hayden for anonymous content, Aubrey Graham PKA Drake, Adele “Future” Nur, and Jason Schreier for DreamCrew Entertainment, Alexis Shatkin and Steve Pearlman. St. X is an ABC signature production.

Bonji recently played Randal in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix series Politician And a repetitive role has been observed Good fight. He has been replaced by Butchwald and Emily Downs in Myers and Downs.

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