Kate seems to understand that Toby’s marriage is over

'This Is Us' Recap: Kate and Toby's marriage breaks up after Baby Jack is injured

Chris Sullivan as Toby and Chris Metz as Kate. Joe Puglis / NBC

At the beginning of the end. Kate (Chrissy Metz) And Toby (Chris Sullivan) Begins to realize that things between them could really end on Tuesday, April 5th, during the episode This is usThe title is “Saturday in the Park.”

The hour-long installment was opened with fans after hearing Kate and Toby seem to be constantly arguing from the perspective of their eldest son Jack. After the baby dropped off, the couple put their differences aside and took their kids to the park – which was part of their normal Saturday routine.

As they walked along the playground, Kate sang a song for Jack to memorize the instructions with her cane. A star arrived – following a few snide comments from Toby along the way – took the family to the cradle where they were all smiling. Toby mentions that he missed hearing Kate smile when he saw their son. She agreed.

'This Is Us' Recap: Kate and Toby's marriage breaks up after Baby Jack is injured

Chris Metz as Kate, Baby Jack and Chris Sullivan as Toby. Ron Batzdorf / NBC

On a different Saturday, Kate and Toby didn’t take Jack to the park, which seemed annoying instead of hosting Rebecca (Mandy Moore) And Miguel (John Huertas) 10 year anniversary party.

In the flashback scene, Rebecca and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) Also celebrate 10 of themM On the anniversary when they went out to dinner, the Big 3 bands came together for the first time – albeit against the babysitter – which made Rebecca proud of her children.

At the present time, Kevin said (Justin Hartley) That he and Toby Pearsons fought with him before he arrived, forgetting to lock Jack’s safety gate securely. He tried to encourage the enemy couple with the news that he was finally leaving their home.

At the time, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) And Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) Flew for the party. Kate got her brother into an argument with Toby. “You guys have to do it through it,” Randall told him.

During the anniversary celebrations, the ceiling of Kate and Toby’s kitchen began to leak (again), which she was seen fixing in the previous episode. Another fight broke out between the two as the happy celebration was interrupted in a new way.

Eventually, a plumber came to stop the leak, but the Pearsons went mad because baby Jack was missing. After Toby did not lock his security gate properly, the child ran out of his house. After noticing that her rain boots had changed from Jack sneakers, Rebecca realized she had gone to the park. There, he noticed that he was bleeding after a fall with a scar on his head which required stitches.

Elsewhere in the episode, Kevin went to see the twins and Madison (Caitlin Thompson(Told him that he thought Elijah)Adam Carson) Was planned to propose. Earlier in the day, Eliza confirmed this to Kevin, who told Madison that he was happy if she was happy.

After their son went to the hospital to sew, Toby and Kate came to fight on the lawn in front of them. “You’re losing your mind,” Toby told his wife in front of Randall and Kevin, who stood up for their sister.

After their injuries, Toby sat in Jack’s room and broke down in tears. Kate, for her part, went to sit with Randall and Kevin. He told his brothers that while in the hospital, Jack said he wanted to go to the park “because Mom and Dad are happy there.”

He announced, “I don’t know Toby and I’m going to make it.”

This Is Us aired on NBC on Tuesday at 9pm ET.

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