Katie Mixon, Chris Gorham Join CBS Comedy Pilot – Deadline

Katie Mixon (American housewifeChristopher Gorham (Confidentiality), Cree Sichino (And just like that.) And Connor Calypsis (Grinder) Is set as lead in Unplanned, CBS ‘multi-camera comedy pilot from Schuyler Helford (Call Me Cat)Eric Feig’s PictureStart and CBS Studios.

Halford writes with Emily R. Wilson (Bucktown, The Conners) Supervision, Unplanned in Akron Guardianship of two teenagers (cicino and calaposis) is a series to navigate in the best way they know. With a little help from their friends and parents, they will learn that life’s mistakes don’t have to derail your life – they’ll learn that caring for a baby, no matter what your age, is no joke – but sometimes, Just have to laugh (or cry).

Mixon will play Wendy, Tyler’s mother, and Barista at a coffee counter where Brianna works as a cashier. Supportive and realistic about her teenage son’s new fatherhood, she is not a coddler, but fiercely defensive towards her family.

Gorham plays Jeff. Affectionate and supportive, he is his optimism from parents Tyler – a beautiful balance to his more skeptical wife Wendy. Jeff may be the pushover of the family, but he is also the heart.

Sichino is Brianna, sharp-witted, outspoken with very few sensors. Emotionally matured beyond her years because she grew up playing “Mom” with her four younger siblings. Now she has an 8-month-old child of her own. She and Tyler have an unbroken bond and find each other ridiculous.

Calypso plays Tyler, a great dad, if not a little too protective of his 8-month-old daughter. Sweet optimistic and sometimes stupid, he falls completely in love with Brianna and thinks he’s out of his league, so he thinks he’s got the best partner he can find.

For Wilson Executive PictureStart, Sammy produced Chris Mills and Chris Emerson from Kim Falvey and Fig, as well as from Authentic Talent and Literature. Halford co-produces. Luke Acelen oversees PictureStart. CBS Studio is a studio.

Mixon is probably best known for his name role on ABC American housewife, Which lasts for five seasons. He will be seen in the NBC Limited series Things about Pam In contrast to Renee Zellweger and Paramount + George and Tammy Along with Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon. Mixon was replaced by Principal Entertainment.

Gorham will be seen in the upcoming Netflix series Lincoln Lawyer. Earlier, he was among the critics of Regina King One night in Miami On Amazon, and had regular series of ABC pilots Working wife. He is best known for his role as Aggie Anderson in the hit USA series Secret mattersAnd it will see Bob Bernard in the lead role Dissatisfied For Netflix. Gorham has been replaced by Thruline Entertainment, Verve and Attorney Goodman Zeno Schenkman Smelkinson and Christopher.

Cicchino was recently on HBO Max Sex and the City Follow-up And just like .. He was recently tapped as co-head of the Newline / HBO Max YA feature based on John Green’s novel, The turtles all down, Along with Isabella Merced. He will be seen in Indy soon Stay awake Which just made its world premiere at the Berlin Film Fest. Cicchino has been replaced by the Circle of Confusion, A3 Artist Agency and Goodman, Zeno, Schenkman, Smelkinson and Christopher.

Caloposis, best known for his work on Fox’s legal series The Grinder, also appeared in the Fox series. Incomparable. His other achievements include Jason Batman’s films SwearingAs well as guest roll on NCIS, Fox Training Day, and Emmy-winning Twitch Interactive Show, Artificial. He will be seen in Dark Comedy in the future Prank. Kaloposis has been replaced by Butchwald, Infenet, and Goodman, Zeno, Schenkman, Smelkinson, and Christopher.

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