Kelly Clarkson is doing a ‘complete overhaul’ of her talk show

She’s taking it “Peace to Peace”! Kelly Clarkson Her talk show is giving a makeover.

“She’ll be taking a few weeks off to take the kids on vacation, but she will be focusing on a complete overhaul of her show as soon as Ellen takes charge,” an insider exclusively revealed in the new issue. Our weekly.

The Kelly Clarkson show Will be replaced Ellen DeGeneres‘Long-term Ellen DeGeneres Show In NBC’s 3 pm ET time slot. Ellen Air will close on May 26 after 19 seasons. Original American Idol The winner’s show is currently airing at 2 pm ET.

As it stands, in the format of Clarkson’s unnamed, Emmy-winning talk show, “Because of You” the singer celebrates interviewing guests, meeting interesting people on a daily basis, covering hit songs and playing games. In December 2020, the show was renewed until 2023 ৷ It is currently in its third season

The American Song Contest Cohost has been making several big changes in recent months. On March 10, after seven years of marriage and two years of court battles, Clarkson finally settled his divorce. Brandon BlackstockWith whom he shares two children: River Rose, 7, and Remy, 5. Later that month, Monday, March 28, he legally changed his name to Kelly Bryan, according to court documents. Us – Although he will still go to Kelly Clarkson professionally.

Kelly Clarkson plans a complete overhaul of her show before taking the Ellen DeGeneres TV slot
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When filing for the name change in February, the Texas native mentioned the reason he wanted to go with his first and middle name. Per document obtained by UsHe said that Monica “reflects more fully who I am.”

The Voice The trainer had previously opened up on her talk show about her fears about the effects of divorce on her children.

“It’s terrible. There’s a lot of hard parts,” he said of his breakup from Blackstock in December 2020. “The hardest part for me is the kids. It’s the hardest part for me. I think as women we’re trained … to take everything and you can deal with it and you’re fine, but you’re worried about your kids.”

River Rose and Remy have both attended Kelly Clarkson showIncluding the memorable moment of September 2021 when his youngest was interrupted Chris Martin Her mother – and the musician – has to go to the bathroom to sing “Yellow”.

To learn more about Clarkson’s decision to update the talk show, watch the video above and choose its new number Our weeklyNow on the newsstand.

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