Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Historian Celebrates Cold Open ‘Saturday Night Live’

The Live Saturday night At the Cold Open, Ego Nodim played the role of Ketanji Brown Jackson, newly confirmed to the Supreme Court, met famous women and black Americans who had come before him – along with a few jokes at the expense of Ted Cruz.

The skit was probably less about humor and more about marking its place in history, with Jackson at the Oval Office, waiting for the White House to celebrate his historic confirmation, and to meet the ghosts of those who broke the glass roof and color barrier.

When Ruth Bader Ginsberg (played by Kate McKinnon) appeared, Jackson asked her, “I want to know what advice you gave me as a woman in the Supreme Court.”

“Okay, here’s my advice. Always label your lunch. So judges, they’ve got glue fingers.”

Ginsberg goes on to say, “Anyway, I just want to say. I’m proud of you You’re going to do a great job. “

“Thank you, that means a lot,” Jackson said.

“Look, I know your confirmation process got you through the ring, but in the end people do the right thing. And you know, I was confirmed 96-3 in the Senate, so what was your vote? ‘

“53 to 47,” Jackson said. “Yeah, many of them are gone and one guy asked me if the kids were racist.”

“Ted Cruz?” Ginsberg asked.

“You know it was. You should have seen that guy. He was actually sitting there watching TV and reading a children’s book to me.”

“Okay, that was Ted Cruz, so I bet the book said, Good night cancunAnd that’s one Jeans burn

More to come.

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