Kevin Mayer Unveils Detailed Candle Media Strategy Partnership – Deadline

Kendall Media founder Kevin Mayer has outlined his strategy for taking advantage of the assets of new buyers in the deep pocket, as he unveiled a tie-up between Kids Powerhouse Munbagh Entertainment and Ridge Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine.

Own both blackstone-backed candles Cockmelon Owners Moonbagh and Hello Sunshine, and, in a keynote address on Mip TV this afternoon, told listeners of the former Disney executive TV Axis and the press that “Synergy” among their owned companies was a big part of his and fellow Candle founder Tom Stagg’s plan.

With that in mind, Hello Sunshine and Moonbug are working on a “new product” that takes advantage of Hello Sunshine’s pre-existing position in the global book space. Reese’s Book Club And Munbagh’s “huge built-in audience for new programming promotions.”

Mayer was rare with details but said the show would launch in the next few months.

“We’re bringing companies together and thinking about where to coordinate,” he said, adding that other opportunities for these synergies would probably present themselves over time.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have a 10% stake in Westbrook Fauda Producer Farway Road Productions.

Along with Rene Rechtmann, co-founder of Moonbagh, he also talked about the potential of London-headquarters clothing to use IP on social media, YouTube and streaming services.

Since the candle has grossed about $ 3 billion, Cockmelon Its YouTube subscriber base has more than doubled to 140M, making it YouTube’s most-subscribed channel, while Netflix spin-offs have been profitable. The Cockmelon The Netflix show was the second largest stream on the platform last year, covering all genres, not just children.

“You don’t have to go out and sell it very tightly,” Mayer said. “Ren র and the team know exactly how to increase reach, mobility and multi-platform so we’re in an enviable position where people come to us to buy our products.”

Mayer hinted at further acquisitions and explained in detail why the candle is standing in the market.

“We’re creating a new definition of what a media company is,” he added. “We do not have our own streamer so we are independent and our strategy is very important. Demand [for content] It will grow very strongly and if you are independent then we don’t have a huge amount there so I like our potential. “

He returned to his time as one of the first creative forces behind Disney +, which became a “distribution system” as it prepared for launch.

Mayer said he learned that “brands, audience focus and franchises are really important” during his time developing streamers and launching shows. Mandalarian.

Mip TV runs until Wednesday and Sony’s Wayne Garvie will give a keynote address with Bad Wolf’s Jane Tranter later.

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