Kevin Spacey asks Judge Anthony Rap to drop sexual assault case – Deadline

Kevin Spacey has filed another lawsuit in federal court in his ongoing battle with actor Anthony Rap, alleging sexual harassment.

Speci’s lawyers on Friday asked a judge to dismiss RAP’s sexual assault case, claiming that allegations about Speci’s behavior at a 1980 party were false and never happened, the Associated Press reported.

Rap, who has appeared in Broadway productions Rent And TV Star Trek: Discovery, He claimed that at the age of 14 he went to a party in 1986 at the home of Spacey in Manhattan. There, he claims, 26-year-old Spacey grabbed the buttocks of the “sexist” rapist, lifted him to a bed and laid him on her body. RAP claims he was “forced to commit suicide” before leaving the party.

Speci’s lawyers claimed that there was transient contact with a “close” body part in less than a 30-second encounter, and that the rap was able to easily extricate itself. They asserted that the contact between Spacey’s hand and Rap’s buttocks was not intended for sexual gratification or to insult or abuse Rap.

They say the space “explicitly denied” that any of the rap describes has happened. RAP’s lawyers have not yet commented.

RAP first claimed in 2017, persuading others to come forward and essentially end Spacey’s acting career. Spacey issued a statement at the time, claiming he did not remember the rap encounter, but apologized.

A criminal case against Spacey for indecent assault and battery charge against an 18-year-old man at Nantucket Resort was dismissed in 2019.

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