Kodak Black suggests Will Smith would date a young woman

Tell me ?! Kodak Black took the time to give Will Smith some unsolicited advice about his marriage to Jada Pinkett-Smith after the incident with Chris Rock. Kodak came live on Instagram and suggested that a young Tendroni be found. “Go with any other shaw **, will,” he said. “Man, isn’t it! Go for something more young, a gentle child … you know what I’m saying? You’re about 18, someone 22.

Things became interesting when he suggested that Will, the father of three children, would have another daughter. Kodak said, “Go ahead and adopt a baby. Go ahead and you get a complete ‘other girl. You adopt someone – who will admire you, who will nurture you, you know what I’m talking about? “During the live, Kodak also nurtured Will’s daughter Willow Smith to write a letter to the late Tupak Shakur.

“You managed to write my daughter this n *** a tupac as if she were living somewhere that wasn’t crazy,” he said angrily. “Like he put s ** in a bottle and muthaf *************************************** **************************************************** **************************************************** **************************************************** **************************************************** **************************************************** ************

If you think the letter he was referring to was Willow’s age when he was 11 years old. It read, “Dear Tupac, I know you live somewhere. I think my mother really misses you, “read the message. “Would you please come back? Can you come back then? [mommy] And I can be happy! I want you here … I really do. Love, Willow. “As the live Kodak continues, Yak tells Will to get off his feet and his wife has to stay with him because he doesn’t deserve an Oscar-winning actor.

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