Koi Lere and Benzino have started a war of words on social media after his recent follow-up

If you continue, there is a very troubled relationship between Coi Leray and her father Benzino that can be said to be the least, and recently it appears that they have sorted things out, a new social media controversy proves that it certainly isn’t. After her recent interview where she said that she and Benzino were in better condition, Coi Leray detailed a completely different situation on Twitter when he denounced her through one burning tweet after another.

Koi Lere expressed his concerns with his father Benzino on Twitter:

“I hate to bring these things up on social media but I need my dad’s help. Sorry if I bothered you at the breakfast club don’t treat me or my mom because you hate to admit we broke up after the source. Build the King’s Bridge and Get on top of it so I don’t even like to mention his name.That’s why I never mentioned his name in the industry because he can’t go beyond his past and doesn’t even realize how much damage he does when he does this thing.

Coi continues to vent his anger against Benzino, accusing him of threatening his mother:

“She threatened to text my mother for a few hours,” he said. Grow up you was just trying to get him to hip hop !! We don’t want that life !!!! He’s trying to stay here for me and support me while you’re trying to find a way to eat beef with me and I’m tired of sucking life out of me. “

He ended his tweets by revealing that Benzino had not congratulated him on his album and said he would pray for him. “I’m your only king’s daughter. You’re worried about calling a break on the day of my first album. You don’t even send me congratulations. You’re so bitter and bad. I pray for you.”

However, Benzino also had some things to get out of his chest and blasted Koi Lere for being disrespectful in a very long series of tweets. “The problem with the social generation is that they have no respect for those who came before [them] And how they blueprinted their success, ”he wrote.

Eventually, Coi deleted her tweets, but it was clear that she and Benzino were far from a drama-free and peaceful relationship.

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