‘Last Week Tonight’ Oliver Oz Simpson Burns at the Oscar Slap – Deadline

Since last week’s Oscars, the slap has been heard ‘creating both an unprecedented split in global media reaction and public opinion. Even today it seems impossible to avoid a conversation involving Will Smith or another hot tech on the internet.

Last week tonight John Oliver admits that there really is a person’s point of view that the world can live without listening.

Enter: Oz Simpson, a sunglasses donor, reveals his views on a selfie camera.

“It simply came to our notice then. I think Will [Smith] Was wrong. Look, I understand the feelings, “said Nicole Brown, Simpson’s widow and ex-convict.

Embarrassment Oliver is not lost. Excited, the Emmy-winning host didn’t waste time summarizing how viewers might feel about OJ’s thoughts.

“No. You’re not Oz, “said Oliver, shaking his hand. “Nobody wants to hear from you about this.”

“Especially when you seem to be coming live from a senator frog’s covid patio. You can only sit on it, “Oliver added.

The British-American comedian then compared OJ’s often-controversial hot adoption to the naughty women who ordered brunch.

“Think of this situation as a Rudy bachelor ordering a mimosa. We want to add as little juice here as humanely, ”Oliver said.

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