Lauren Lapcas rejects ‘good girl’ rejection: ‘disappointing’

It's frustrating that Lauren Lapcas rejects good girls' reactions

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The fate of Beth, Annie and Ruby is open Good girls There was a push for the guest star Lauren LapkasToo much

“It simply came to our notice then. I mean, I know what the rumors were about and how they’re going to work, “said Lapkus, 36, exclusively. Our weekly While promoting his partnership with Straight Talk Wireless. “The hard thing about canceling a show without this caution is that they didn’t get the sum of all the stories the way they wanted, I’m sure. So it’s a tough part, I think, it can be a bit frustrating when you can’t wrap everything up with a pretty bow. “

Cancel and renewal show in 2022

The production was supposed to start in the spring of 2022, but the NBC drama was abruptly canceled last year. Lapcas joined the series in 2020 as an FBI agent who began investigating Beth.Christina Hendrix), Annie (Mother Whitman) And Ruby (Straight) Involved in the promotion of counterfeit bills. The comedian doesn’t know how the series will end – and didn’t get a head start on the story line before getting a new script.

It's frustrating that Lauren Lapcas rejects good girls' reactions

‘Good girls.’ NBC

“I was not informed in advance that I was a guest actor. I don’t know if the original cast knew how it would end, but it was news to me, “he explained Us. “So it was kind of exciting because I was acting as a character to understand what was happening because what happened was so crazy. It’s exciting to be part of something where you don’t know what’s going to happen. “

Shocking TV has been around for years

At one point, the agent was seen trying to make friends up to Donegan Beth. However, Lapkas is very skeptical that they will reach the end of the series.

“Oh my God. I mean, I guess I don’t even imagine they’re friends. I don’t imagine they want to hang out with him. He tried to be their friend. It probably wouldn’t work that way,” he said. Us. “So hopefully Phoebe is doing something where she’s surrounded by people who verify her more. It was a difficult task for him. “

May Whitman, Christina Hendrix, Reta Good Girls

Mae Whitman, Christina Hendricks, and Retta on ‘Good Girls.’ Universal Television / Kobal / Shutterstock

The Wrong Missy In the last few episodes of the show the actress was pregnant with her daughter Holly and she often tried to find clever ways to hide her baby bump.

“I wore really big clothes, but then I hid that they were huge. If you watch Season 4, you’ll see me completely hidden behind a pillow, “he recalls. “I am watching TV with a huge pillow on my stomach or using a big bag or a box and hiding behind a car. And these were all moments where we had to hide our stomachs. I grew up quite a bit during my pregnancy. So it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. “

Fictional TV Hometowns

Lapkas and her husband, Mike Castle, Welcomes their baby girl in July 2021. With the help of Straight Talk Wireless, she has been able to spend more smartly while balancing with being a new mom. “It simply came to our notice then. All that stuff stays on top. I think when I was growing up, my dad really taught me that it was important to save money and be aware of your finances. And both of my parents were really, really strong at it and that’s something I always cared about, “he said. Us.

With Straight Talk Wireless, customers can “save money all year round and spend money in other ways.” The Orange is the new black Alum mentions: “This is a great way to keep track of your money and use it towards things that are more exciting than your phone bill. They will give you the same coverage for less money. “

As her parents did for her, Lapkas will also encourage her daughter’s future goals – even if it involves acting. “I definitely wouldn’t sign him up for acting before he could say he’s interested because I know what the business is like, and it’s been a crazy thing since he was so young,” he explained.

The best TV couple of all time

“But if he’s really interested, I’ll definitely let him follow his dream because my parents allowed me to do it,” he continued. “And even though I come from a background where TV was not part of my childhood, like my parents are not in the industry, I come from Chicago. Finding it out was a completely foreign experience, but they let me follow it. And I’m very grateful for that. So I don’t want to interrupt him. But as an actor, it’s fun to think about it. “

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