Lauren Lapkas and Krista Rodriguez to star in CBS comedy pilot – Deadline

Krista Rodriguez (Halston) And Lauren Lapkas (Good girls) CBS’s multi-camera comedy pilot has been tapped as the lead Calm companion, From Jane the Virgin Producer / executive producer Jenny Snyder Urman and CBS Studios, where Urman is under an overall contract.

Gracie Glassmeyer and David Rosenthal write from a story they co-wrote with Urman, Calm companion Revolves around Eliza (Rodriguez), a hot-mess alcoholic who owns a bookstore / bar with her uncle in New Orleans and is forced to live together when the court hires her exhausted quiet companion, Shelley (Lapcas). Who has to live him 24/7.

The comedy was originally set up at Fox during the 2013-2014 cycle where it went to a single camera pilot with Justin Long as the title role and Nick Frost as co-lead. The project, written by Urman and Rosenthal, failed to reach the pilot stage and has now been recreated through a female lens.

Rodriguez’s Eliza is described as fun-loving and quick-witted. After a lot of running around with the law, she is hired by Shelley, a court-appointed sleeping companion, who will force her to deal with her monsters, do her job together and stay calm … all while running her nuts.

Lapkas’ Shelley is a delightful, high-spirited oddball. His methods are somewhat obsolete, and his relentless zeal is not everyone’s cup of tea, but he is the best at what he does.

Glassmeyer and Rosenthal co-produced their Sutton Street productions with executives Urman and Joanna Klein. Lapkus and Rodriguez also work as producers. CBS Studios co-produced with Sutton Street.

Actress-comedian has acted in films including Lapku Jurassic World; Wrong Missy, Where he played the title character; And Between the two ferns: the movie. Includes his TV credits Orange Is The New Black, The Big Bang Theory, Bob’s Burger, Good Girls, Crashing, Lucifer And the upcoming animated series Bad crime. He has been replaced by UTA and Jackway Austin Tyrman.

Rodriguez co-starred in Ryan Murphy’s Halston, Where she played the character of Liza Minelli. Her other television credits include her role in NBC Trial and error, As well as Short, Lisi’s story And Gossip Girl. Rodriguez also starred in the Netflix post-apocalyptic comedy In the morning, And is known for his role as Anna Vargas on NBC Crushed. He was last seen on Broadway Spring Awakening, And before that, he did headline the original Broadway cast First date. Rodriguez is repp by example and authentic talent and literary management.

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