Lindsay Hubbard teases Austin Kroll Reunion, ‘Winter House’

Sort things out. Lindsay Hubbard Revealed that he and Austin Kroll Despite having a fallout last year, there is absolutely no disagreement anymore.

“I talked to Austin recently and we talked,” the 35-year-old reality star said exclusively. Our weekly Tuesday, April 5, Season 6 airtime Summer house. “I think we cover a lot of that in reunions, so I don’t want to give too much [so] You have to see that. “

The founder of Hub House has hinted that he and Southern Charm The star, 34, recounts their friendship drama, which includes the controversial comment Kroll made when she appeared in October 2021. See what happens to Andy Cohen.

Lindsay Hubbard of Summer House reveals that she spoke with Austin Kroll after the Siara Miller drama.

Lindsay Hubbard and Austin Kroll Charles Sykes / Bravo (2)

At that point, Kroll chose Hubbards Summer house Coaster Sierra Miller On her longtime friend while Hubbard was in the audience. Hubbard then announces that he needs a “break” from his friendship with the beer maker.

Exclusively New York resident Dr. Us In December 2021 he was open to revising their friendship. “I don’t think our friendship is over,” Hubbard said Us At the time “I think it will repair, [but] It may not look the same as before. “

The preacher apparently revealed on Tuesday that his Summer house The play will be featured in an upcoming reunion with Kroll.

“I wouldn’t say it’s explosive. It was interesting, “said Hubbard Us Reunion “I think some people take responsibility and others don’t. It was, like the classic, in Lindsay’s situation, which is unfortunate to see because you can’t blame me for everything in life. “

Throughout season 6 Summer house – which was filmed before Hubbard and Kroll WWHL Spat – Viewers saw Kroll, Hubbard, Miller, 26, the love triangle exploding. According to Hubbard, that drama doesn’t end in Hampton. In fact, he teased that it could be a crossover Winter house Season 2.

“I mean, listen, Sierra’s relationship with Austin is hi-bye now, but you’re learning a lot too. [more] That we discuss reconciliation, ”Hubbard said Us On tuesday. “And there’s a whole other TV show that you have to watch Winter house

Drama in the trilogy arises when Season 1 is filmed Winter house In February 2021, when Kroll fell for Miller though Hubbard revealed that he fell in love with her. Tensions spread Summer house Season 6 Even after Hubbard and Kroll came out on his birthday weekend, Miller made it clear that he still has feelings for North Carolina residents.

Lindsay Hubbard of Summer House reveals that she spoke with Austin Crawl after Sierra Miller Drama 2

Sierra Miller and Austen Kroll Shawn Johnny / Bravo

In addition to depicting the ups and downs between Miller and Kroll, Hubbard has revealed that the new season Winter house Filming was really fun because her boyfriend, Carl Rodke, Came to Vermont. Radke, 37, came out of his first season of cold-weather spinoff to focus on his cool-weather. (Loverboy sales vice president has exclusively confirmed Us That she and Hubbard are dating in January.)

“I had a great time [the] Winter house. We did some classic winter activities and it was nice to be able to feel it with Carl this time around, “explained Hubbard. Us. “And being able to do it together in a relationship as a couple.”

Summer house Bravo airs Monday at 9 pm ET.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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