Love Is Blind’s Natalie has denied dating Shane 4 times since the show

Love Is Blind's Natalie denies Shane's claim they've dated 4 more times

Natalie Lee, Shine Jansen and Shina Hurley. Instagram (3)

Sharing his side. Love is blind alum Natalie Lee Reaction after her ex-fianc, Shane JanssenDiscuss their relationship Nick VialIts a podcast – and it had a very different story to tell.

“I know about the podcast and was shocked by what was said,” the consulting manager, 29, began Wednesday, March 30, in a long post he shared via his Instagram story. She lists a number of things she wanted to clear up about what 32-year-old Shine said during Wednesday’s episode of the “The Vial Files” podcast.

“Regarding my comments about the ‘scripting’ of our conversation: I never told Shine what to say and we never discussed or planned what to say in certain scenes,” he wrote, referring to Shane’s claim. Quantities “- tried to guess what they would say during the show. “However, I set boundaries with filming – especially since I told her not to drink alcohol before the ‘serious’ scene and not to share the details of our intimacy out of respect for my family. I know he found this frustrating; The latter led us to fight in Mexico. “

Natalie went on to deny Shane’s claim that they had tried to revive their romance four times after the filming was over. “We’ve dated twice since our marriage, not four times,” he wrote. “We revived the weekend, we filmed the reunion episode but decided to keep the door closed. We recently met to discuss the possibility of a reunion but in the end he agreed not to date until he changed some of his behavior. A few days later, when I discovered that he had lied to me, I closed the door on any kind of reunion. ”

The former said while talking Bachelor Lead, 41, Shane claimed that Natalie was still stuck with her and what had happened between her Shina Hurley At the time of filming, but in her Instagram post, Natalie claimed it wasn’t. According to Natalie, it was actually Shane’s activities that caused them to break up again after the show revived their relationship.

Love Is Blind's Natalie denies Shane's claim they've dated 4 more times

Natalie Lee on her Instagram. Courtesy Natalie Lee / Instagram

“One of the main reasons we broke up last year was that I found it to be a very flirtatious message between him and the other woman,” she claimed. “She’s right – I can’t get over it, and the main reason is that I can’t go back with her. It’s something we’ve discussed many times over the last few months through text. She’s not talking to Shiner during the show’s premiere.”

Natalio denies Shine’s claim that he ran away from Shiner, 32, when they were supposed to have an on-camera discussion during the show. “I talked to him but it was not publicized,” Natalie wrote. “All cast members were present for this scene, including Shane.”

He went on to confirm that he had recently told Shine that he was “disgusting”, but he offered more so-called context for his comments. “I told Shayan on Sunday night that he was ‘disgusting’ because he called me and said he would ‘bury me’ and ‘pull me with him’ in the podcast because I missed any chance of reunion,” he claimed.

Natalie and Shane were one of five couples engaged in Season 2 Love is blind, Which premiered on Netflix last month They broke up on their wedding day, but Natalie had already announced Our weekly That they tried to revive their romance as soon as the filming was over.

“I probably have more to say in a few days, but at the moment I’m sorry and confused to see his dishonesty in the podcast,” he concluded in his post. “I didn’t think it would get to the point where I had to address it publicly, but I could draw a line where I could shamelessly lie about myself in a podcast for the purpose.”

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