Love Is Blind’s Shake Claims Cast has introduced him: Listen 1st

Hides the injury. Love is blind Season 2 star Debut “Shake” Chatterjee Talking about his controversial remarks at the reunion – and why he feels like his fellow competitors “Cast [him] On one side “after.

“Did I feel a little overwhelmed by the reunion?” I was, ”says the TV personality, 33 Our weeklyThe exclusive clip of the upcoming first episode of his podcast, “Life is Blurry” (created in partnership with CitizenofSound).

In the episode that premiered on Tuesday, April 12, Shake speaks 90 day engagement alum Stephanie Matto About how reality TV can shape your image for better or worse.

“I was devastated and devastated by the way things went,” he continued. “Everyone [was] Just like, ‘Oh you’re a villain. All right, peace, man. We don’t want to be friends with you. “Explaining that he hung out with the cast more than once before the show premiered on Netflix, Shake said he felt” the whole cast “was” so obsessed with themselves “that he was portrayed. Because they “didn’t want to be connected” with him. “It was painful to me. And it hit me.”

Shake added: “I mean, I’ve said a lot of right, true things. But the way I’ve said it, it has happened. [as] A man who was injured and beaten. “

Love Is Blind's shock was 'hit' as he turned against his cast mates

Debut “Shake” Chatterjee. Ser Baffo / Netflix

Veterinarian explanation Us Many of those injuries stem from the fact that he was friendly with the rest of the cast until his reunion. “Less than a week before the reunion was filmed, I was watching the Super Bowl Brilliance [Vempati], Shayan [Jansen], Kyle [Abrams] … If you had all these things to say, why don’t you tell me? ” I’ve been there a lot for you. ‘ Like Shine. I loved him and I felt betrayed. “

The aspiring DJ got engaged to Dipti in Season 2 Love is blind, But repeatedly mentioned that he struggled to build physical chemistry with her. Host Nick And Vanessa Latche Above all, shake hands to give priority to appearance when the basis of the ceremony is to let someone know something about their appearance without knowing it.

“Love is not completely blind to me,” he replied at the time. “I want it to be partially blind. I want it to be: ‘Is love blurry,’ OK?

Although his comments did not go down well with the rest of the contestants, it did inspire Shake to create a platform for those he considered “misunderstood” to talk about difficult issues. Although she couldn’t use the phrase “love obscure” for her podcast “because of copyright issues”, the reality star chose “Life is Blurry” because “it actually hates itself nicely because my podcast isn’t just about love.”

“There’s a lot here that is confusing, vague, foggy, blurry,” he continued, explaining the inspiration behind the podcast name. “[But] The more you see them, the more you will learn and change your mind. So for me, it’s really just an opportunity to talk about love, not just financial, modern dating… culture cancellation, sex work “and much more. “Because these are all fuzzy things.”

The first episode of “Love Is Blurry” will be available on Apple Podcast and YouTube on April 12.

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