Lower Dex Debut Season 3 Teaser Trailer and Original Art – Deadline

Paramount + has done it today, releasing the Season 3 teaser trailer and Key Art Star Trek: Lower Deck. Star Trek: The revelation was part of a panel at Mission Chicago.

There are three seasons available to stream on Paramount + in the US later this year. Created by Mike McMahon (Rick and Morty, solar opposite), The new season challenges the USS Cerritos ensigns, starting with a resolution for the Cliffhanger Finals of Season Two.

Paramount +

Starfleet crew living on the “lower deck” of the USS Cerritos include Ensign Beckett Mariner, voiced by Towney Newsome; Ensign Brad Boymler, voiced by Jack Cayed; Ensign Tendy, Noel Wells voiced; And Ensign Rutherford, voiced by Eugene Cordero. Starfleet characters from the Bridge Crew of the USS Cerritos include the voices of Captain Carroll Freeman, Don Lewis; Commander Jack Ransom, voiced by Jerry O’Connell; And Dr. Ta’ana, voiced by Gillian Wigman.

The series is produced by CBS ‘i Animation Productions, CBS Studio’s Animation Arm; Hide and seek And Rodenberry Entertainment.

Alex Kurtzman of Secret Hideout, Rod Rodenberry and Trevor Roth of Rodenberry Entertainment, Katie Krentz (219 productions), and Heather Kadin, producer and executive producer of Shorana McMahon. Aaron Bears (Secret Hideout), who brought McMahon to the project, also works as an executive producer. Titmouse (Big mouth), An independent animation production company, works as an animation studio for the series.

To celebrate the first Communication Day, which was April 5, Paramount + and CBS will jointly donate $ 1 for each tweet sent using the hashtag #StarTrekUnitedGives until Sunday, April 10. LGBTQ + supports equality, veterans and humanitarian aid. See StarTrek.com/StarTrekUnitedGives for more information and terms.

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