Man accused of fatally shooting Lakevia Jackson in a bowling altercation

“It was a relentless investigation where we worked night and day to try to gather all the information and the facts of the case,” Atlanta Police Murder Commander Lt. Ralph Wolfok said in a statement late Thursday night.

What happened?

Investigators have confirmed that Lakevia went to the Southwest Atlanta Metro Fun Center to celebrate a friend’s birthday, while Joshua was on a date. LaKevia and Joshua didn’t know each other, but ended up in the side street. Sometime on the evening of March 17, the argument started and later it escalated further.

“As shown in the video, they got involved in an argument for a bowling ball,” said Lt. Ralph. “They were in the adjacent lane when they were bowling and the argument escalated. There were no weapons inside the position. No one came there to hit or shoot at anyone. “

Nevertheless, arguments from both sides led to the parking lot. Investigators say the two women agreed to fight just minutes before 11pm local time. However, two men recovered the gun and fired. Lakevia was wounded more than once and died from his wounds.

Charge for Joshua Fleetwood

According to AJC, Authorities charged the 25-year-old shooter with “murder, possession of a firearm while committing a crime, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.” Unfortunately, this is not Joshua’s first run-in with crime. Said Lieutenant Ralph AJC That Joshua Lakevia was arrested 16 times before the assassination.

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