Maurissa Gunn of BiP ‘still looking for love’ after Riley split

Maurissa Gunn of BiP 'still looking for love' after Riley Christian split

Maurice Song and Riley Christian. Courtesy Maurisa Song / Instagram; Courtesy Riley Christian / Instagram

Come back from there. Follow her split from Riley Christian, Maurice Gunn Got frank about exploring dating scenes again.

“I want the bachelor nation to know that I am still looking for love. Love is the most important thing to me. I want a husband. Seriously, it’s bad! ” Gunn, 25, shared an interview with Bachelor Nation on Wednesday, April 6th.

Season 24 Bachelor Alum mentions that it takes “two” to make a relationship work, saying, “It’s really bad, coming out of an experience where you think everyone is looking for it ৷ especially when you think you found it, like a finger in your finger.” The ring and everything. “

Earlier this year, after the patient’s co-ordinator removed all traces of her significant other from social media, fans questioned the status of Christian, 32, and Gunn’s engagement. In January, the couple confirmed that they were pulling the plug on their romance.

“We have decided to go our separate ways. We never imagined it, but we’ve come to a point where we both have to work on ourselves, “they shared in a joint statement at the time.” That you please respect our privacy as we navigate through it. “

A month later, Christian opened up about his state of mind since the breakup. “It took me a while to recover, but I thank you for your patience. This has never been an easy time. It was one of the hardest times of my life, but as always I always try my best to move forward with optimism and a positive attitude, “he wrote via Instagram in February. No. ‘ But some very good people have shown me differently. “

The long social media upload included a sweet cry from Christian loved ones. “To the fans of my very passionate bachelor nation, who have reached out for support, just know that I have seen and appreciated every word. Love everyone. Now let’s have some fun… and stay great throughout 2022, ”he concluded.

Gunn, on his part, indicated that he was treated unfairly in their relationship when he retweeted a colleague. Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Alum Diendra KanuIts comments seem to be New York native films.

“I’m not an innately messy person, but when I look at things in real time and then see someone slashing that idea for social media, it’s very scary,” Kanu, 25, wrote at the time. “It’s not okay to be a catalyst for your own death and then go social and seek public sympathy. A story always has two sides. “

In the same month, the song details his approach to dealing with major life changes.

“The last few months have not been easy, but today I tell you I’m feeling amazing,” he captioned a post. “Taking time to heal on my own was the best thing for me. I wouldn’t be where I am without the amazing support I have. Thanks to everyone who helped me, and to the huge s / o of @ black.on_ for reminding me and trusting me to be my own best version. Let’s see what it has to offer this year! ”

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