Maverick’s Birth and Tom Cruise Special Tribute – Deadline

Ear has confirmed our scoop since last month by announcing the details Top gun: Maverick Screening and special tribute to Tom Cruise. The film is expected to have an international premiere with a global premiere in San Diego. Press release from the festival below:

“Tom Cruise will be present for an in-ear screening on May 18, 2022 Top Gun: Maverick, Released May 25 in France and May 27 in the United States. The festival will pay special tribute to Tom Cruise for his career.

Top gun The protagonist, Maverick, will return to cinemas around the world and return to the Tom Cruise Festival de Cannes where he made only one appearance before: May 18, 1992, for Ron Howard Far and far away, The closing film of the 45th festival. That evening, he gave Palme d’Or to director Bill August for his film The best purpose.

Exactly thirty years later, on May 18, 2022, the Festival de Cannes will pay him an exceptional tribute to his lifelong achievement. On that special day, Tom Cruise will have a stage conversation with journalist Didier Alauch in the afternoon and walk down the steps of the Palace des Festival for evening screenings. Top gun: MaverickDirected by Joseph Kosinski. “

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