McDonald’s announces return of its spicy nuggets … but with a twist!

Roommates, McDonald’s has made millions of fans happy by officially announcing the return of its popular Spicy Nuggets … but there is a twist. If you are a fan of spicy nuggets, you have to be creative to get your hands on them, as they will not be available everywhere.

McDonald’s has revealed that the spicy nuggets will be available in only about half of the United States, with about 6,900 stores and for a limited time only. You might recall that McDonald’s initially unleashed the Spicy Nuggets in 2020, their first new US McNagget flavor since 1983 when it was first launched on the menu.

The McDonald’s Spicy Nugget has a breaded tempura coating of red and pepper, which is more seasoned and flavorful than the traditional chicken McNaguettes.

Additionally, McDonald’s says spicy nuggets were responsible for increasing sales during the height of the Covid-19 epidemic in 2020. In the fourth quarter of 2021, McDonald’s US sales increased 7.5% over time, thanks to increased menu prices, digital sales and fan favorite menu items from the fast-food chain, Crispy Chicken Sandwiches and the ever-popular MacBook, which is usually only available.

McDonald’s is known for providing customers with limited-time menu items that instantly aroused more interest in the company, as well as went viral on social media. Earlier this month, the company announced the return of its Sichuan dipping sauce that had disappeared for a significant period of time.

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